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  2. Some Days Are Diamonds

    Rockin' it, MacKenzie!
  3. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    One thing that I hope you figured out right away - OctoFork tines are damn sharp! Never a problem skewering anything with them, including my fingers! I have learned to be very careful so as not to slice a finger pushing meat onto the tines.
  4. Pulled pork

    PC in da house!
  5. Just bought one. It's destined for Peking Duck on New Years Day!
  6. Sides challenge

    Just that we're seriously hip is all!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Not sure what it is you want but I just edited the AD to show other items and the costs and location of them.
  9. First low n slow cook.

    It’s hard to tell. She always has something going on at 13 months. Whenever she cries I say to my wife “ she must be teething” which drives her crazy. Lol. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I could actually use an additionally up for my 2nd BB32. Let me know where you are and cost?
  11. I have a brand new rib rack that I have never used for my BB32. I also have a roti setup with all baskets(i have used one of them the other new) and the heavy duty motor. Selling it all. I will add more photos when I find them. This motor is the OneGrill Heavy Duty which works perfectly. If you want to use the righthand wing table it will rest on top of the motor when the motor is running, but probably not recommended although I cooked a turkey that way and never put anything heavy on top of that table during the cook. I just used the table for tools and mitts during the roast. 50% of retail buys it and you pay for the shipping. I live in Western Washington State.
  12. Some Days Are Diamonds

    Lovely Bacon!
  13. My first cook in a long long time…

    No carved pics but the turkey was moist and nicely done throughout. You realize you are going to get a lump of coal in your stocking! Beautiful tree.
  14. Some Days Are Diamonds

    Now the rest of the story- sliced, vacuum sealed and froze the bacon this morning. Taste test was next. This bacon did taste very nice, it had a different flovour than my bacon from store bought belly and the lean was more tender and the fat seemed to be more clear. I have to wait until next fall to do it again. The farmer only raised 10 pigs /year.
  15. Pork ribs

    Dinner is calling, yummy.
  16. First low n slow cook.

    Nicely done! Is Madeline teething? I ask because my grandson loves ribs also...but loved them even more when he was teething.
  17. Pork ribs

    Very tasty lookin
  18. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    Those chickens look pretty good to me. I’ve never tried a whole chicken and why KK. maybe I should give it a try
  19. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    Ha ha. Thanks for all the tips @MacKenzie. What I didn't photograph was the comedy configuration where I managed to cover over the central hole before I realised it would prevent the roti bar going through. I plan to sleep well the next few days so that I am wide awake when the delivery man comes knocking!
  20. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    Looking at your OctoForks, I believe you put them together exactly as I did, LOL. Keith from OctoForks pointed out that there should be a bolt in the square hole at the end. It will make it easier to adjust the forks. I thought you might enjoy the background.
  21. Just another day in Buffalo

    Where at in Nor Cal? Hope we get rain soon!!
  22. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    As you suggested you could brine. Often I do that with pork chops, just using a lite brine for a couple of hours and then let them just rest in the fridge for and hour or so. Thicker cuts I'd brine longer and rest longer. I do like the lite brine technique. Sygyzies on this site suggested 1/2C sea salt per gallon and a little less sugar. For chicken brine for 4 hour or more and I'd do a 2 hour rest in the fridge after that.
  23. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    Looking good from here, that is how I would put a whole chicken on the OctoForks. One thing I found helpful is to tie loose and flapping parts with some cotton string to the tines or wherever. Sounds strange to say this over an open fire but so far it has always worked and the string has not burned off. Mind you I don't have a rip roaring fire going.:) Sometimes I cut the chicken in half and then I would put it on the tines like you did in your first pix. Sometimes I only use one OctoFork but if I thought there was any danger of things slipping off I put the other set of tines on backwards just close enough so that there is no room for things to fall off. Personally I think you will find a big difference in cooking on the KK. There will be a world of taste difference. Remember, if you are looking you aren't cooking, keep that lid shut. :):):) The delivery excitement is rising.
  24. Winter use of the KK

    I’ve used mine for a few 15-20 degree cooks. I just slooooooowly bring up the temp and then recover it once it cools to about 250. Love this thing
  25. My KKs will be arriving soon and I am trying to experiment with the accessories that I have bought so far so I won't be overwhelmed by the newness of everything when the KKs arrive. I swing between being terrified by all that I will have to learn and comforted by the fact that you all say that KKs are so intuitive to use. I am gently settling into the latter mode and looking forward to the excitement when they arrive. Anyway, on to the business at hand: I have been trying out my home roti and found the forks to be so feeble that I had to pierce the skin with a knife to get them in! OctoForks to the rescue. I set them up yesterday and here is my first attempt at balancing a whole chicken on the spit: As you can see, I got the centre of gravity all wrong and it was never going to rotate smoothly. With the forks up close and personal to the sides of chicken, I wasn't sure that I liked the fact that the skin on the sides wouldn't see the heat but the skin on the back, which I don't eat, would be beautifully browned. So I switched to this configuration: Still not perfectly balanced but the OctoForks made a really stable cage for the bird. These are really robust birds that we bought in Italy, in the region that invented slow food. The first time I cooked one, I roasted it as normal for an hour and it came out really tough. The thigh meat is almost gamey. Since then I have found that a slow roti makes them nice and tender. This time the chook was in for two and a half hours at 150 degrees C and came out OK. There are a number of areas for improvement. First, try this out in a KK to see if what you say is true about how well it cooks chicken. Second, take the wing tips off and crank up the heat at the end to crisp up the skin. Third maybe brine the chicken and add more purple crack than I did this time. I do have a MEATER now but hadn't managed to charge and pair it in time and so left it out of this cook. Any advice about positioning the Octoforks? It would be good to see photos of your cooks with whole chickens to help make my first KK chicken cook as good as it can be. Or should I just do what Dennis says and go with a spatchcocked bird? Why am I even thinking of defying Dennis?
  26. Pulled pork

    I wouldn’t mind trying that - looks mighty tasty from here, too bad I’m not closer to drop in and do some quality control checks for you...
  27. My first cook in a long long time…

    Here is the finished result of the reason for the smoked turkey:
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