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  2. That sounds tasty, tekobo, looking forward to it.
  3. Thanks for the book recommendations @Pequod and @Flht01. I have been able to locate them all on so all is well with globalism. Concept of an English twist on barbecuing is funny. I am actually a Nigerian masquerading as an Englander. So you will be getting an African British twist on things when I finally get my hands on a KK. Did I say all was well with globalism?
  4. Today
  5. I thought that might have sounded accusatory, so I thought I'd best clarify!
  6. If your new to Komodo type cookers, the book Komodo Smoker and Grill might be one to consider. I just ordered it based on recommendations even though I've used a small egg for years. I have a couple of Chris Lilly's books and the one from Arron Franklin and highly recommend them. Forgot to mention Malcom Reed's site How To BBQ Right for it's video content
  7. I see you have edited this post Pequod to say chicken is the fourth meat. I glanced at your earlier post during a particularly dull meeting and I thought you bald statement of "Chicken!" was an assessment of my level of courage. Yes, thanks, I was looking for Syzygies' post.
  8. I need to get one of those. I know it was posted elsewhere, but what is the model # again?
  9. Damn fine looking jam there @ckreef & @MacKenzie! It has been eons since I last made jelly or jam ...
  10. I think we definitely need to add the Milwaukee Compact blower to the list, this was also first suggested by Syzygies. It is awesome for all sorts of uses around the KK and not around the KK.
  11. Chicken! That's the fourth meat. For someone completely new to American BBQ, I recommend this: However, KK's are so versatile, almost anything you'd cook inside works on your KK. We'd be interested in seeing KK cooking with an English twist. I think the post you want is this one:
  12. Thank you all for your welcome and encouragement. Waiting game now. First wait is for Dennis to finish work on the 21" so we get a view on the actual size and price. Hopefully that will be in the next week or so and we will have pictures of both the 21" and the 23" tiled in our colour choice. Can't wait! Unless things happen super fast, we may need to defer delivery until Nov as we are away for most of October. In the meantime we have been preparing for our new KK. Picked up half a cow from a farm on Friday (we didn't just run out and saw it in half - this was planned and it had been hanging at the abattoir for a tasty three weeks). We cut up extra thick steaks and looked online to see how you Americans cut the brisket for barbecuing. All the cuts are now vac packed and in the freezer, waiting for their future encounter with a KK. Also making some salamis, all good and garlicky. Looking forward to the time when I can actually smoke my bacon and sausages. Two bits of advice sought please. Dennis talked about the four standard BBQ cooks but I was too focussed on matters KK to pay attention to what they were. I think he said pork butt, brisket, ribs and ....? The American style BBQ is a world that is new to me so any advice about what cuts to do and any good recipe books would be gratefully received. The other bit of advice is around navigating the forum. I am bit of a social media phobe (no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no whatever the latest thing is) and this is my first venture onto a forum. And what a forum it is! My trouble is, i found a great post about accessories, the one where the guy listed the type of heat proof gloves he uses and the fact that he uses plant pot bases in place of a KK drip pan, but I can't find my way back. Do you recognise the post? Is there a way of book marking within the forum or should I just bookmark into my browser? And finally, does the search feature work for you? It comes up blank for me even when I search for basic words like "rub" at the top level of the forum. Lots to learn!
  13. Yep, that'll work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. OK - got the call from the shipping company today - grill coming Thursday. Very excited. My landscaping guy has a Bobcat on site with forklift attachment - can he move the crate with that so I don't have to roll it around my house on the lawn? Thanks
  15. I don't want to move there but definitely close enough to drive for some lump. Without the shipping cost I could probably afford some coffee lump.
  16. I have that movie in my TV cabinet. That and the Iron Giant are two of my favorite kids movies.
  17. @tekobo - hot dignity dawg! Welcome to the KK Family! You are gonna absolutely LOVE your KKs.
  18. Yesterday
  19. OMG, MacKenzie, that's just awesome. Cooking the yolk in the shell on a griddle on the KK - brillant! Well, we kinda got jypped on the eclipse here. Was cloudy most of the morning and finally cleared AFTER the eclipse was over! But, I did get in a couple of pics. I used my brown lens sunglasses as a filter. We were only in the 90% zone here. This one got a little Photoshop help. Mostly to take the brown out.
  20. This is gonna be good.
  21. @MacKenzie - your buns are beautiful. Those are really a work of beauty. And the pics of the finished Sammie's are stunning. How do you keep doing this so dadgummed well? Even the deer up at your place wanna know!
  22. Home, safe & sound! Fits in perfectly with the others.
  23. Great plated shot if I ever saw one! Please pass the Tri-Tip ...
  24. Charles - that is a really delicious looking cook. I'd eat that 6 nights a week ... Every night but pizza night.
  25. And YES, the beer was named Purple Crack at our Festival on Saturday. It went over well. When there are over 100 other beers being poured, you have to get folks' attention somehow and a catchy name is always a good trick. There's a gallon or two left and it's going to another Festival this Saturday.
  26. @MacKenzie - WOWZERS! Simply WOWZERS.
  27. @Aussie Ora - that a very fine looking meal. I love cheek meat and that's looking like some kind of sumptuous feast. Kudos to ya.
  28. @MacKenzie & @Syzygies those are some downright clever and funny pics! Thanks for the smiles.
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