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  2. Sides challenge

    Nice to see the berries used and with such good results. The whole meal looks very appetizing. Thanks for breaking ground.
  3. Hot Sauce

    Some nice Autumn colors going on. I'll use some pepper sauces in making BBQ sauce and marinades to kick it up a bit, nice to make your own as you do. Should Tobasco be worried?
  4. Today
  5. Hot Sauce

    When ever I use hot sauce I always shake it first, don’t know why just a habit I suppose.
  6. Saturday Bread

    and here is the rest of the bread story- The dough was enough for 2 loaves of bread or 1 loaf of bread and 2 pizzas. You know what I picked. Here is the pizza made tonight- You no doubt will notice that I have previously seasoned the parchment paper. Loading it up- Purple crack goes on next. Baked. Plated.
  7. Saturday Bread

    More like the wicked witch of the North.
  8. KK Teak Cabinets

    I will call him thanks
  9. KK Teak Cabinets

    Call Dennis he can make anything you like
  10. KK Teak Cabinets

    Oooops spelled your name wrong again!!! Sorry my fingers are to big for this phones keyboard .
  11. KK Teak Cabinets

    Thank you I really like the cabinet I see it’s sold out on the site
  12. KK Teak Cabinets

    Gurus you might want to try the Weber fire starters, they don’t create any sparks
  13. KK Teak Cabinets

    To be honest I haven’t used anything on my rotisserie. I had a long time getting everything to fit correctly. Yes I have a BB 32.
  14. Yesterday
  15. KK Teak Cabinets

    Very nice I see you have both rotisserie’s spit and basket I only got the spit do you use the basket or spit more the rotisserie is all new to me . Also that is 32BB accessories correct
  16. Sides challenge

    Great looking cook Shuley!!!! What are ABTs?? Looks like holly peen yooos that are stuffed? Everything looks delicious!
  17. Saturday Bread

    Maybe just maybe Lynne isMac’s first name???????
  18. KK Teak Cabinets

    Aloha Eddie Mac here are the pictures. The drawers are a little messy but I just wanted to show you how much you can get in there, that one drawer has my cold smoker in it plus my heat gun and a bunch of assorted other parts and fire starters. The middle drawer has a pair of leather gloves for heat and a pair of silicone gloves for heat, a bunch of miscellaneous parts for my rotisserie. The last drawer is pretty empty except for my thermometer. The pull out shells are loaded with accessories the top shelf on the right has my pizza stone and one of the shelves for my KK. The next shelf down as the double bottom drip pan and the other side shelf for my KK. The bottom shelf has a grill grate smoke pot The drip pan that came with my KK and some wood chips. The middle shelves are kind of small they don’t pull out but I have my loofah lighterin one of them. The two shells on the right have all my rotisserie baskets on them I bought all three of them. I also have the rotisserie rod which is on the left side shelf you can see it in the picture. So As you can see it holds a lot. One caution though I designed this cabinet And it’s quite tall. I’m 6 feet tall so it fits me perfect, but anyone shorter it might be a little too tall for them. I hope this answers some of your questions let me know if you have anymore. If you decide to buy a cabinet Dennis is the man to talk to he builds beautiful furniture
  19. Sides challenge

    I’m a big fan of btb. It’s dam near better than the real thing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Saturday Bread

    Mac, she stole all of your photos, I mean pretty far back in history. I did leave a message stating, "THESE ARE NOT YOUR PHOTOS"!!!!!!!!!!!! Is she the Wicked Witch of the West
  21. Saturday Bread

    I know that person, she's wicked. Best not cross her.
  22. Sides challenge

    I have 3 of the Better Than Bouillon, chicken, beef and mushroom. It is a great enhancer.
  23. Sides challenge

    Great cook and enjoyed the write up too! Still laughing at this part:
  24. Saturday Bread

    Yeah! Thought that was pretty low
  25. Saturday Bread

    BASTARDS! Stealing our MacKenzie's awesome food pictures and claiming them on another site!
  26. Just arrived from Tasmania, AU

    I have 1/2 oz of PC in a beer that's about done fermenting. It's a "winter warmer" ale with brown sugar, crystalized ginger, orange peel and the PC instead of cinnamon/clove/nutmeg. Will see how it turns out?
  27. Winter Prep

    My crate got turned into a dog house for the neighbor across the street's pooch. I don't know what happened to the KK strip? But, I'm like Jon, I really don't have a good place to put it, if I had one.
  28. Asado grill

    Looks great you did well
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