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  2. I ordered this from over east around the same time I sent the parcels rocked up today wtf lol .and Dee got me some new gloves the others were getting on a bit Sent from my SM-P600 using Tapatalk
  3. Today
  4. Great looking pies.. It's also much easier to use the peel on the upper.
  5. Nice cook for first pizza can I have a slice
  6. Nice looking pizza, bet it was tasty
  7. Pizza looks good. A great first attempt. But 15 minutes for a normal thinner crust is 2-3 times too long. I basically agree with @tony b upper rack and way more heat soak time. I would go as long as 2 hours. Just crank the KK up when you get home and let it ride for a long while. My guess is that stone was nowhere near 500* otherwise the bottom would be half burnt at 15 minutes especially if the dough had any sugar or oil in it which I'm sure it did if it was store bought.
  8. That's Australia's version of lemon pepper. Lemon Myrtle tastes surprisingly just like lemons. That pepper crack mix sounds just like what I'm looking for.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I will do that next time
  11. Thanks for clueing me in that there was lemon myrtle in the ground. I should have figured that out from the "lm/pb" scribe on the label. Losing it in my old age, I suppose?? I did mix up some Pepper Salt, per you guidance: 2 parts Kosher salt to 1 part Pepper Berries, by weight. Then into the spice grinder and viola - purple salt! That's what I was referring to by "purple crack!" I can see me putting that on EVERYTHING! I also broke down the Kee into Nickel (2 oz) and Dime (4 oz) FoodSaver bags - LOL!
  12. For a 1st time attempt - DAMN! Like others said, use the upper grate next time and add a bit more heat soaking time - at least an hour. And - No Peaking!!!
  13. Sorry, too many bad flashbacks to cafeteria food in grade school! No fish sticks - NO, NO, no, no, no!!
  14. Can't wait to see the results.
  15. I'm feverishly checking the mailbox every day.
  16. nice looking pie indeed yes next time get closer to dome
  17. The same.
  18. Jeff, doing mine in the Jr at 550 degrees what temp are you cooking at? Garvin
  19. I was planning to do exactly what I just posted on Saturday. Maybe a touch more salt. Forkish likes 14g or 2.8%, which he says is Italian norm. American norm is 2%.
  20. Looks great! Agree with above. The stone is perfectly shaped and sized to fit on the upper grate and get your pizza into the dome. I like 550, but 500 works too.
  21. Will do, thank you! Garvin
  22. Your pizza looks very tasty. I try to cook mine around the 500 F mark also, not too much higher. I set the rack with the KK pizza stone in it on top of the main grate and that gets the pizza up into the dome more.
  23. Leave it, but weigh your water and flour so you know it really is 100%. Cup measurements of flour vary a lot. You might want to do the last feeding before making dough with AP flour, or make a levain for your pizza using your starter and all AP flour. If you want 70% Hydration, consider this instead: 250 grams of levain 375 grams of AP flour 10 grams of salt (2%, which is pretty typical for pizza) 225 grams of water This will make 2 large or 3 individual sized dough balls. Consider using your starter to make an overnight levain. Take 50 grams of your 100% hydration starter and mix with 100g of AP and 100g of water the night before. This is the levain you'll use the next morning. You could then mix Forkish style: mix water, salt and levain, then add the flour. Knead a bit, then let bulk rise for three hours. Cut and shape your dough balls, then let proof for another five hours. Make pizza.
  24. Aussie, that issomething else for me to try.
  25. Have been feeding with a 100% hydration 1 cup flour to 1/2 cup water, should I cut that or leave it for the recipe I listed? Garvin
  26. Closer to the dome?
  27. Good looking pies and most people here use their upper rack along with the stone to get overall better pizza! Garvin
  28. Thank you to all who post on this site as I probably would have had several stumbles without reading all your tips first!
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