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  2. New 21" Supreme

    Tony and Mac are giving you excellent advice. I would at least put a piece of foil on the lower grate, or a drip pan would work. The stone, nor water is necessary. If you have a rib rack, use that on the main grate, if you want to put some on the upper that’s fine. Anywhere between 225°-275° is fine, 250° is roughly 4 hrs, so adjust from there. Cook time won’t be affected by the number of slabs, the temp, once stabilized won’t be significantly different between grates. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. New 21" Supreme

    So, if you were to cook a couple slabs of St. Louis ribs, Meathead style, 225 for 5-6 hours, how would you set up your kk? Wrapping the lower grate with foil is a cool idea. For my size kk, the most convenient level to cook on is the main level, but the upper would still hold a couple slabs. I'm wondering what effect on cooking time there is, if any, if not using something between the fire and the ribs? This is such a fascinating and helpful conversation. Thank you all for your comments.
  4. Spinning Some Pork Chops

    Man that makes a ole county boy from North Carolina hungry Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  5. Spinning Some Pork Chops

    Another chop dinner, this time with sweet onions and apples.
  6. Muy bien tacos

    "Break a leg, kid" in the Challenge!
  7. New 21" Supreme

    Will second everything that MacKenzie said - No need for either the deflector stone or water in the drip pan. Will make your cooks simpler and easier to manage without them. If you want to cook indirect and aren't worried about a lot of fat dripping onto the coals, then you can also just wrap the lower grate with a sheet of aluminum foil instead of the drip pan. Equally effective and a much easier clean up. Or, combine the 2 ideas and line the drip pan with aluminum foil for easier clean up. Whatever trips yer trigger, as they say!
  8. Muy bien tacos

    Very impressive cook.........
  9. Muy bien tacos

    Tasty Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. New 21" Supreme

    There is a lot of distance between the fire and the main grate and you may not need anything between the fire and food. That is one of the things I love about the KK. You can cook with nothing between the fire and the food. If you have something that will drip a lot of fat you may want to catch that in the drip pan. It depends too on the temp you are using. If I was doing a spatchcock chicken around 350F I might not even use the drip tray. I don't use water in the drip pan. It will just evaporate and you sure don't want to opening the lid to check on that. The KK will produce the most moist chicken on its own if the lid is kept closed. I am sure others will chime in with their experiences. [emoji4]
  11. Muy bien tacos

    Yum yum yum can I have some? Looks deeeeelicious
  12. New 21" Supreme

    Glad you like the dog - we have a cool rooster too, but it's on the other side of the porch covered up by mass quantities of detritus from the great unpacking of the crate... going to be the weekend before that all gets cleaned up!
  13. New 21" Supreme

    Now that's one nice tip. On my previous cooker, I had to use the stone also so the drip pan wouldn't warp. I can see where there is more space under it in the kk so what you say makes sense. Do you put your drip pan on the main grate and meat on the top, or is it even okay putting the pan on the lower level and use both the main and upper for meat if one needs to? If the pan can take the direct heat of the lower level, I would love not having to fool with the stone anymore! You always keep water in the pan while cooking I guess?
  14. Hulli hulli chcken and Hawaiian bacon

    Was it easy peasy, of course. Were all spinning along and it's good to see that P & C are doing the same. Yep
  15. Muy bien tacos

    Shuley, that looks sooooooooo tasty, feed me, feed me.
  16. New 21" Supreme

    It is truly beautiful and isn't that just the neatest artistic dog. I will let you in on a trade secret, most of us do not use the heat deflector stone, if you want to do indirect the stainless tray alone will work and it will take less time and fuel to get your KK up to the desired temp.
  17. New 21" Supreme

    I'm so very happy with our new kk. As has been said before, but it's so true, this is the finest made cooker in the world in my view. It's like those bands that people said "you don't really get their greatness, until you see them live". We'll, you just can't quite get all the way to imagining how awesome this cooker is until you actually lay eyes and hands on it. I couldn't wait and rushed through a spatchcocked chicken to break Her Blueness in. I put the heat deflector on the lower grid, instead of directly on the basket, then drip pan with water on the main grid and the chicken on the upper grid, 300-325.Turned out very nice. Ribs tomorrow. Planning to burn-in Monday.
  18. Muy bien tacos

    That's nice. Yah, don't that look good... Some good. Must be a California dreamer, cause I ain't got none. Yum girllll.
  19. Muy bien tacos

    So there's a taco challenge on the guru this month. This should be something easy for me because I live where there's a significantly dominant Hispanic population and something I eat and cook regularly. However, because it is something I am so "used to" I really struggled to come up with something that I had not tried before. Then I saw a recipe in my cooking magazine that marinated shrimp in Sriracha and broiled fresh pineapple. I decided I would try that along with a cilantro line cream, blue corn tortillas and grilled avacado on the side. This was a scrumptious and pretty easy dinner. I would definitely do this again. I also added more hot sauce... But forgot to take a picture. These were delicious. I highly recommend them for something a little, but not too different.
  20. Last week
  21. New 21" Supreme

    I very strongly agree! Gilmour's guitar on that entire album is like none of the others - a jagged razor slashing through George Orwell's and Roger Waters' vision. Here's something for you and cschaff. Madison Square Garden 4/11 and 4/12, 2016 David Gilmour
  22. Spinning Some Pork Chops

    And, the weather forecast for next week isn't looking too spiffy for outdoor cooking either!
  23. Spinning Some Pork Chops

    Exactly, Tony, I just finished a little stint with the snow blower and the storm is not over. I am sooo glad I had the KK out for a spin yesterday, it did feel good.
  24. Spinning Some Pork Chops

    Hey, Susan! Glad to see you posting again!
  25. Spinning Some Pork Chops

    Nice chops! I hear yah! They say we might get from 3" - 8" Friday night/Saturday morning, depending on where the rain/snow divide line falls across the state. Spring, my ass!!
  26. New 21" Supreme

    Here, here!!! One of Gilmore's best guitar solos is in Dogs. IMHO
  27. New landscaping for the KK

    Everything looks beautiful.
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