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  1. Today
  2. Let's hope the rain passes you by
  3. Thanks, Bruce but we are due for a freezing rain storm. I need to wait for that to pass just in case we have a big power outage along with that.
  4. By the way that bread looks delicious your such a good chef
  5. Mac that gives you a good reason to get some pulled pork on the KK
  6. My first Cuban Bread is baked. Now I have to find something to make a sandwich. I went searching the deep freeze for a package of pulled pork and there is none.
  7. CK, chop looks lovely.
  8. Nice pictures Great looking meal what kind of peppers were those?
  9. Great looking cooks, we'll let you slide on the oven just this one time.
  10. Cheers tiny the peach brandy that ckreef sent me is teriffic that with the pecan it tasted great still trying to get hold of some peach wood to round it off loving the smoking pot but can see myself getting the cold smoker .I think that will be the go for me no need for chunks Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
  11. I loved playing squash lol
  12. I was surprised to learn that 5 of the 10 best-selling BBQ books were authored by Steven. He has over 5 million books in print in 19 languages. I'd say he owns the category. Proud of KK's affiliation with Steven and Project Smoke.
  13. Yes absolutely.. once in a while... Just don't make an Effing habit of it! LOL
  14. There is no better, only different with each having their merits. My analogy is that the more dense a material is, the more readily it transfers heat to what you are baking/cooking. The baking steels are of course very dense and rapidly transfer lots of heat to your food. This is great with the thin cracker crust pizzas. But at the same temps a traditional pie will have the bottom burned before the top is cooked. The heat transfer formula for my baking stones is for medium to thick crust pizza or bread. Any material can in theory, be used you will just need to balance the crust cooking with the rest of the pie. I always think of the first pie as my guinea pig.. I throw a pie on it and see how it goes at whatever temp the grill is at.. If the crust is finished before the pizzas' toppings are cooked I raise the grill's temp. If the topping and top crust is burning before the crust is ready you need to reduce the grill's temp.. The heat transferred by the stone will stay relatively stable/consistent. Just with the damper top high temps can be adjusted in seconds once you have the grill heat soaked and a basket with only medium and larger pieces of charcoal that do not restrict the grill's airflow.
  15. Cheers mate - well done!
  16. Looks fantastic! I will be giving this recipe a try.
  17. Must have tasted delicious!
  18. Food looks great. Once and a while you have to use the oven...
  19. Twice the meat and twice the rub. You don't have to add all the rub.
  20. Great meal.
  21. Fish looks perfectly cooked.
  22. That cheese sauce looks terrific.
  23. Another fine cook Aussie, the ribs and belly look wonderful. How was the peach rub with the smoke wood?
  24. That reminds me of the Wagyu steak I had at Christmas.
  25. It tasted fantastic cheers mate Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
  26. Need to get hold of one of those spiky meat tenderizers so I can give the skin a thousand holes lol .but the best sharpest trick is just buy a Stanley knife frome your local hardware store these things slice through the skin Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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