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    Don’t know why this post is tying out this way
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    Hey guys I have the rotisserie cradle. I want to cook a Picanha on a spit. Wondering if the cradle will achieve the same result. Might have to talk to Dennis to get the rotisserie spit otherwise. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    No. Just the KK32 which I love, but I have just about every Assessory you can get for it lol. Have a great Presidents day
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    @Aussie Ora no worries if you win I'll send you something different. Oh wait I would have eventually done that anyway. I figured if by some miracle me or Mrs skreef win my plan was to send it to the second place winner.
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    No worries I have something in mind .simple but effective . If by some fluke I win .I would like ckreef to send the prize to the one I voted for .hang on make that the runner up incase I vote for you .wait what happens if you win and I'm the runner up.. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Just finished 2nd test same process as my last post only difference this time I used Royal oak. 1st hole 166. 2nd hole 200. 3rd hole 227. 4th hole 257. 5th hole 272. Dam close to yesterday I am convinced that that was a pretty solid I hope this helps are you 32 owners
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    You could use some metal scewers ,to hold them in c formation then clamp them down in the cradle .might work Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Yeah you are the salad master. You better be in it!
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    I think this entry will do well. Its one of those dinner salads thst is truly satisfying.
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    This is a big cook for me but I have an event to attend soon and I'm bringing dry garlic ribs. Did the ribs and the sauce separately today. While that was going on there was a side story- Yesterday I picked up a pork order from a farmer. In the box were some smoked pork chops. Since the KK was busy I decided for the first time in probably 10 years to get out the frying pan. The horror of it all:( This chop nearly filled a 10 inch pan. Plated. I could not believe the flavour, it was out of this world.