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  1. I recently made some using whole grain-ish wrappers. Won't be doing that again
  2. Maybe its just me but I don't see an advantage of piercing a piece of meat, once or multiple times that would lend itself to better on the plate results; but rather a point release(s) for interior fat/juice to escape.
  3. Good decision mameola! Oh you're going to be so enamored and satisfied with your KK!
  4. Hope you saved all the fat trimmings to render down for frying top shelf french fries!
  5. Ghee compared to clarified butter: I've used Ghee for many years ... started with my interest in cooking all things Indian food at home along time ago. I love it drizzled over air popped pop corn. And it makes all things sautéd mushrooms sing. You'll like it!
  6. Wrapping the ribs increased the meat's moisture and tenderness. But I prefer the bark of not wrapping and more traditional "chew" for the meat texture. If you like tenderness over a drier "chew" then you will like ribs that have been wrapped. My SO preferred the wrapped and I preferred no wrap. I will probably do one of each for the next time I've only done one brisket using the pink paper wrap ala Franklin's. I'll continue to do briskets this way. It resulted in a good bark but increased moisture which for brisket, works for me.
  7. different
  8. sorry for the thread derail ^ a set of sieves, like these, would provide the answer you are looking for regarding what your Pharos is doing ...
  9. Having never mastered the technique of consistently holding the angle freehand ... and not being a young man anymore ... me wonders how long it takes and/or how many knives before core competence is realized (given a decent level of ability for most things hand process including woodworking, basic machining skills, GTAW welding, etc.)?
  10. looks like mucho skill to keep the angle consistent ...
  11. Thanks Jeff! Unfortunately we just don't have any good knife shops here that have offerings I am interested in; maybe an excuse to go see friends over the hill in Sacramento if it ever quits snowing . I did get sucked into the Misen Kickstarter deal and like the knife's geometry; however the steel isn't living up to their hype (nicks very easily at their 30º bevel). But for $65 I knew I could put it in our camping kit if I didn't like it.
  12. I have been vacillating between SG2 and VG10 ... very good arguments/fanboys in each corner. I've had a 10" Masamoto VG10 in my "cart" for awhile, and haven't pulled trigger, based upon the recommendation of a friend and CIA trained chef ... God I'd love to test both out and make up my own mind as that's the only way these things typically get resolved . You'd think with all the other *hit I have it wouldn't be a big deal <roll eyes>.
  13. I've been thinking about 'going Japanese' too ... much better steel than anything I've seen out of Germany. Curious to hear your feedback Charles!
  14. For those that want stainless steel
  15. Aussie, thanks for posting everything ... looks incredible! Did you put more peach/spice rub on the rack after you removed them from the vac bag?