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  1. Oh wow MacKenzie does that fresh rhubarb pie look so wonderful and takes me back to my childhood and growing up. My GrandMother grew rhubarb in her country garden. Although I like cakes I prefer a good homemade pie; preferably a crust made with leaf lard. My Mom baked each of the 4 of us kids whatever cake we wanted for each of our respective birthdays. But instead of cake for my birthday I asked her to make fruit pie instead. And my favorite is a 50/50 mix of fresh rhubarb and wild hand picked gooseberries. Yum! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! After all that is much of what drives us foodies to keep making good food! Dan
  2. ^ Thanks! Curious to see/hear how potato fries do in the air fryer. But you definitely got my attention
  3. Deelish looking alright @MacKenzie! Can you please elaborate on "air fried onion rings"?
  4. Taking bets Welcome to the best cooking insanity ... all things kamodo vessel related If you're like most of us you will be looking for anything and everything to test out on your KK once it arrives. Its not just for meat .
  5. Its darn near impossible to find good hardwood lump in the western US outside of major metro areas all things non-mesquite related. I flat out love both of Dennis' charcoal products: Coco and Coffee. I use them interchangeably but lean to Coco when I want a low flavor impart and a longer relatively lower temp cook. But, I do use CocoChar for my Neapolitan pizza bakes ... no problem hitting and keeping the KK at 800F using just CocoChar. I also appreciate how little fines/smalls/dust are in CoffeeChar. Dennis and his crew do a fantastic job of pre-sorting. Whereas most other lump I've tried always has a big pile of unusable dust/tiny pieces in every bag. Sometimes I get what I pay for
  6. I think it would be nice to have a Buy/Sell Forum. Thoughts? Selfishly I have a One Grill Rotisserie set-up for a KK I'd like to list :).
  7. Nice looking enchiladas Aussie Ora!
  8. I like to save my bacon fat ...
  9. Deelish looking BBs! I remember when my KK teak table looked like that <sigh>
  10. Not spatchcock but my all time favorite way to roast chicken, and the way I do it all the time, is from the late Judy Rodgers recipe in her Zuni Cafe cookbook. And a thoroughly heat soaked KK, sitting at 500F or even 525F when you put the chicken on ... then shut down the vents ... just takes it over the top. It will blow your mind: Crispy crispy skin yet moist juicy dark & light meat with incredible flavor and tenderness devoid of the negatives of wet brining. I dare you: Try NOT to like it
  11. Costco tri-tips are very consistent. I've seen "Prime" grade tri-tips at Costco on occasion but usually the less expensive "Choice" grade has at least or often times more fat marbling than their Prime grade. I've cooked them a myriad of ways but prefer simple kosher salt & fresh course ground black pepper and hot smoke grilled over cocochar lump with Red Oak chunks (Santa Maria style). I pull them when they get to 125F internal and then tent very loosely with foil for a minimum 15-minute rest ... 20-minutes is even better.
  12. ^ Many different models/variants to choose from; mine is the 15" round "griddle" with grease groove on one side and smooth on the other. Love mine!
  13. Definitely a big yes for all things burgers! I'm not a hotdog guy but can't imagine coffee char wouldn't lend goodness with them too.
  14. I like my 50/50 blend of Caputo 00 and KA bread flour; so much so I'm not changing it. It gives me good stretch but the fine/smooth texture and resulting cornicione from the finer and softer 00 flour. I don't think I would see the same results using a blend of AP and bread flour.
  15. The one thing I remember about all the Neapolitan style sourdough I used to make for pizzas: The dough was just super super tender. Stretching was kind of a chore to get it stretched to even 10" without tearing. I had not tried incorporating bread flour to the final mix ... maybe that would have made a difference, dunno.