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  1. I had the fortune/misfortune (long story :D) of living in Monterey for almost 2-years. I've lived all my life in 4-season climates and never thought I'd be a coastal lover but oh boy do I hate summer and winter now (back in 4-season Reno) . And miss the Central Coast! But I still love cooking on my KK ... actually much more so in our winter than our hot hot summers!
  2. I love kid goat racks! Unfortunately the USA falls way behind the rest of the world in consuming more goat meat than any other ... hence the lack of availability. After eating a young goat rack the first time ... lamb racks were never the same again.
  3. With you MacKenzie ... and probably like you I determined long ago most recipe writers aren't cooks and most never get tested/made. Ditto for all things cheese next to the dough nonsense.
  4. Jeff: The herb rub/crust is an old standby: Fresh rosemary out of the neighbor's yard, fresh sage & parsley, a ton o'garlic, smoked habanero, S&P and EVO; all pounded into submission via my mortar & pestle. The blackberry & ginger BBQ sauce is from an old Sunset Magazine: All the same suspects including ketchup, brown sugar, maple sugar, honey, black berries and a considerable amount of fresh grated ginger.
  5. I decided to try the pink paper wrap trick 2/3 of the way through the roast/smoke (pecan chips). The baby backs came from Trader Joes where I normally wouldn't buy meat but the last time I made these the pork was super flavorful; luck of the draw. These, however, were very mild without any real "pork" flavor; boring in other words despite the herb crust and pecan smoke. But its all about what they eat and I'm sure whomever raises these for TJ's can't afford anything special on the feed-front. The KK and I did our parts but ... next time I'll return to my favorite and tried & true: Spare ribs. Or hop over the hill to Sacramento and get acorn or pumpkin finished pork.
  6. And the finish line
  7. A couple more steps ...
  8. No reason the unusually cold and gloomy winter weather here should come between good 'cue and us. Hopefully the start of something tasty. Stay tuned for "news at 5"
  9. Your worker friend is just the type of customer the industrial food giants love! We eat high quality meat when we eat meat which is irregular/infrequent (prefer wild game). Quality produce, especially this time of year, is more expensive per serving and calorie than small farm meat. When ALL the factors are considered I would argue its less expensive to eat well than to eat cheap. When I started out in sales along time ago a peer of mine told me: "you can train for just about any sales scenario; however there just isn't a technique to overcome ignorance". Right he was. Unfortunately there are more folks that will step over a dollar to pick up a dime ... all things groceries and health included. People don't consider the ramifications of their food choices, for their own well being and those of the farmers and ranchers that produce our food... most never consider the plight of of the field (and slaughterhouse) workers exposed to toxic pesticides, herbicides, etc. Stay the course Garvinque as it will pay dividends in taste, your short and long term health and animal & farmer welfare.
  10. tofu. <flip off>. Seriously, congratulations and welcome to hanging out with a fantastic bunch of KK addicts/folks! First KK? If so you certainly went big for first! Where do you reside?
  11. My next "cooker" will be a real pizza/bread oven; a Valoriani/Mugnaini. The KK does an admirable job for pizza bakes considering its a bottom heat source but still leaves room on the table for all things Neapolitan baking where the dome temps are much higher than the floor which shares heat source and pie space.
  12. My Mom is 100% Italian and I grew up eating Italian "cheesecake" using freshly made ricotta ... which I make to this day. No sour cream, no cream cheese ... think very rustic peasant style ricotta pie. Over the Thanksgiving Day holiday we tried something new: We made pumpkin pie with a 50/50 ratio of pumpkin to ricotta. Not going away
  13. I made this and its fabulous! I love all things banana leaves. IMO they're mobetta for tamals (taste and ease of making) ... very versatile.
  14. ^ Tyson
  15. I'll follow!