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  1. And done. Time to sit on the couch, feet up and crash.
  2. I know you folks understand ... but having a completely heat soaked KK after a pizza bake off just seems like a waste not to do something besides give up all that wonderful radiant heat to the heavens. So I whipped up some homemade pie dough, sugar coated fresh rhubarb and strawberries and its got about 30-minutes to donesville.
  3. A couple stand outs for me ... a short list: My '85 Saab 900S. It was great running around 4x4 trucks ... those early Saabs were incredible on snow & ice. With Hakkapeliittas of course. And my highly modified '99 Landcruiser. That's it.
  4. s Been too darn long since my last pizza bake. And watching all yous passing by with your tasty looking posts made me queue up some dough for a 4-pie bake tonight; each one different. 5-day old cold ferment Neapolitan dough using 50/50 00 Caputo and KA organic bread flour; my go to recipe. Shaved brussels sprouts sautéd in butter with a little spritz of meyer lemon. Sautéd asparagus Homemade spicy fennel italian sausage Quatro fungo Cento tomatoes Pecorino romano Smoked mozzarella Fresh basil Fresh mozzarella Thoroughly heat soaked KK using Dennis' shaped stone, a basket full of coffee-char with the Twenty-Three fully charged at 700ºF and north for a proper cornicione. Every once in a while I get lucky and the dough is perfect. Like tonight. Maybe I should head out to play the slots
  5. belongs in Nevada
  6. I used to make this ... but for whatever reason I haven't in too many years to count/remember! Thanks for the post ... this 'recipe' is now back on the front burner; er KK grill grate
  7. "lawn enough"
  8. Leftovers got made into chicken salad today for lunch. Its going to happen again ... and again ... and
  9. Haven't used the KK much lately. I've been busy with this/that project and opted for simple quick meals and/or eating out (mostly yuck on this front). But today afforded the time and weather to load my 23" with coffee-char for this recipe try out. The only change I made to this Lemon-Rosemary-Garlic Chicken from MyRecipes was the addition of 1-cup of good concentrated chicken stock. Ok, and two other changes :D: I only had 2-lemons, ripe Meyer lemons, but still not enough to provide the juice and the slices so I added the juice of one lime. Oh yeah, I also added a couple of sliced shallots. Other than that I followed the recipe. Super super tasty! And quick & easy to make. Served it with some local Pugliese bread made crusty from the residual post-chicken bake Komodo Kamado ... what else?! Although I didn't have any, fresh asparagus would be a super vegetable to serve with this recipe!
  10. Did someone say "tri-tip"?! Michael, your tri-tip looks deelish! All right I guess this is a little sacrilege in here ... but last week I cooked a 100% grass fed and grass finished local tri-tip. If you're like me you be saying: 'Oh I bet that was one 'big jaw workout' :D. Which is the reason I decided to try the 6-hour at 130ºF cook ala sous vide. Salt, pepper and 1/2c BBQ sauce in the vac bag ... and g-damn if it didn't turn out tender, perfectly done and delicious. Worth doing again.
  11. He's a smuck. Read about what he did to the employees at his JG's in Sacramento. He's a showman ... obviously ... and not much more.
  12. Like your Sandhill Cranes MacK (or at least they look like Sandhill Cranes)!
  13. You've been on a challenging circuit @CeramicChef! But surely feels great to be back home and getting back into your groove. Your KK groove ;). Good to have you back in our corner!
  14. tinyfish: Those are the leanest short ribs I've ever seen! Speaking of short ribs ... I had a small package of 2"x3"x3" bone in short ribs I forgot about but found in my freezer. I have been wanting to try the 72-hours @ 135F in the sous vide ... and they were insane! Serious Eats went through a comprehensive cook with various time & temp iterations ... this one providing a steak like texture yet melt in your mouth tenderness with BIG beefy flavor. Sorry for the hijack ... but if you have a sous vide and haven't tried short ribs prepared like this ... highly recommend!
  15. Mmmm...speaking of lavender :D, I just made a lavender and vanilla bean brûlée using my Anova sous vide. And yes it was deelish. Hijack over.