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  1. I also posted the unpacking, we took the dome apart and hand lifted everything, to bring it down from a truck to my garage.
  2. Sorry guys, just comping back to the forum. Yes it is Olive and Gold. It's a beauty.
  3. Ckreef Nice photo explanation, Thanks By the way, from the pictures I can see that you are missing the safety pin on the bolt that fixes the lid to the hinge.
  4. Thanks Ckreef Started this post because when looking at the KK site could not find a list of the parts that come standard with the KK. And thought it could be usefull for potential buyers.
  5. Thanks Ceramic Chef You are absolutely right.
  6. Everything is top quality materials. And of course the best customer service available.
  7. The 32 KKs come standard with the following items: 1 Two piece fire box (every KK comes with it) 1 charcoal basket 2 sets of heat deflectors (they come in two shapes) 1 lower grate 1 main grate 1 upper grate (which you can put in 2 possitions, one higher than the other) 1 main half grate 1 stainless steel drip pan. 1 thermometer 1 draft door with two airflow dials 1 metal door to shut the gas accesory inlet. 1 plug for the hole where you can install a bbq guru. 1 set of tools (1 wrench for the spring bolt and 1 allen wrench) 1 box of spare parts. Anything missing?
  8. Vkl thank you.
  9. Wilbur thanks for everything, you made me think a lot about the size to choose from.
  10. Thanks Poochie I'll try and keep up.
  11. Wilburpan, thanks great read. There is an issue that I find with getting a KK, What will I do with the rest of my kitchen?
  12. I'm really impressed with my KK, this thing held a temp of 540 - 560 for 7 hours yestarday with little to none changes.
  13. I completely agree with Dennis, you can throw everything at it while cooking without waiting for some space to become available when other food is ready. And I don't think is huge. I'm glad I got the BB32. Thanks again Dennis
  14. Bosco, you are on the right track. This things are amazing. I was set on a 23, even made the deposit and changed my mind right before the shipping. I'm pretty happy with the 32. I think that if I would have gotten the 23, would always be thinking I should've gotten the 32. Happy that it serves you well. Fernando
  15. The temp controls on this thing are amazing. First time using it, and went pretty slowly to 200 then opened a little bit more and up to 300, and then again opened a little more and got all the way up to 540 ish, and closed a little so I can have it cured. Been around that temp for 1 hour and 30 minutes. This grill is way better than I expected.