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  1. Does that mean 42" would make your life even easier
  2. @tony b Makes sense as I was looking at this homemade Tandoor - if the KK supplies the coals and the insulation, you could use just the double pots with one inverted from this approach. https://thecurrykid.co.uk/how-to-build-a-tandoor-oven-at-home-for-under-50/
  3. @Troble I live in Somerset, UK and there is a local charity called the Durston Trust to benefit all his family members with the surname Durston in perpetuity. It was set up by a Captain Thomas Durston who died in 1686 and took part in the last land battle in the UK at the Battle of Sedgemoor near where I live. The reason for mentioning this is that salmon was so cheap and plentiful that the labourers of the time were fed it all the time. In fact it was not uncommon that labourers had in their contracts of employment that they were not to be fed salmon and asparagus more than three times a
  4. Thanks @Braai-Q I found a copy and have ordered it
  5. Thanks @tekobo I have picked up one from AbeBooks just now - that's the third book recommendation I have followed from you
  6. Hello @Braai-Q that would be great! I am still musing what the Kamado BBQ's were designed to cook in Japan/China but the recipes you mention sound delicious.
  7. Thank you @tony b for answering. I guess I am trying to understand if there are benefits to owning a KK beyond the American BBQ dishes that use low and slow techniques i.e. non US food that KK excels at? I love Asian food and world cuisines so recognise many of the things that you mention.
  8. Hello @DennisLinkletter I have been reading with great interest all the posts on the Forum, but wondered why a form of cooker that originated in South East Asia, owned by someone who lives in Indonesia has almost no cooking that originates in Asia on the site? Do you have any examples of regional food that you or locals cook on your KK that you can share? regards @Sir Bill
  9. Works for me @tekobo I didn't really understand what I was doing when I signed up - so now I am "Sir Bill"
  10. Our mutual friend Debi used to call me Bill, because as the song says: Met him on a Monday and my heart stood still Da doo ron ron ron Da doo ron ron Somebody told me that his name was Bill Da doo ron ron ron Da doo ron ron
  11. Sorry @tekobo I thought you were talking about a 32" purchase. I am still in a "discussion" phase as to will this be a toy that I lose interest in. To be fair I built a pizza oven and rarely use it as it is such a phaff to get going and my wife can see it in the garden
  12. Ah @tekobo a 32” is on order 😆 Good for you ....
  13. I know @tekobo you are keeping it to yourself what your choices x3 are but when do you think that they will arrive in the UK?
  14. @tony bTo be fair, I agree, a big reason for not making cider again is that I live in Somerset, UK, where I am surrounded by small volume cider makers who make brilliant ciders.
  15. I made some 10 years ago, bought a press and what is called a scratter (a hand driven machine to chip the cider apples as a mush cannot extract the juice) and a day’s effort later produced 5 gallons of cider - so after all the effort I could bought this for £10 - do have all the kit and never did it again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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