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  1. ColoradoRick

    I think I've got the black lung Pops

    Beautiful KK Pizzaiolo. I had a similar experience on my first cook, but listen to the folks here, they will get you through it. I throw my wood chunks right on the fire before I place the meat. Over time I learned to just leave things alone until the stall and have taken to wrapping in foil at that point, usually on butts for me it is ~160 -165 or so. I have tried several w/ paper and just left them unwrapped and that worked fine too, but keep coming back to the foil after that I let it rise to ~201, pull them and wrap a towel around the foil and place them in my Yeti cooler for a few hours. They are still blazing hot when I get to them and pull/shred them The bark is usually pretty good too. Here is a pic of one I tried leaving the cap on, it was good too. The point is.. relax and enjoy it, you're going to have a blast with that beauty. -- Rick
  2. ColoradoRick

    Which stoker blower?

    Howdy all... Reviving an older thread here as it is one I found using the search box, if there is a newer one.. please carry this forward. So.. I am curious if anyone is still using their stokers, if so which one and why? After my recent experience using the roti etc... I did some preliminary research and found this article comparing the BBQ Guru product with a company called Flame Boss. https://www.firecraft.com/article/bbq-guru-vs-flame-boss Technology moves on.... Thoughts? -- Rick
  3. ColoradoRick


    Hi Dennis, thanks for responding, to clarify, this was really not the units fault as far as I am concerned and was just sort of strange sequence of events. I had tested this setup a few times over the previous days and was confident all was ready. I used fresh large Char pieces in a freshly cleaned KK, so no residual. Recap - I started having issues when I was trying to place the turkey laden roti into the unit. Timing being what it is, a beautiful and calm day suddenly had 20-30 knot winds as I started placement. On a pre-soaked ~1.5hr KK @ 350 I opened her up and tried to place the bird in. I was having issues as the unit wouldn't seat. It pulled from the left insert as I adjusted the Roti with the turkey in it into position. My issue from left/right was the spring side (left) staying seated, then once it was, the (right) or gear side wouldn't catch the gear for the drive. Back and forth I went. Mean while, the heat and the flames were kicking up (Open lid and swirling wind caused) I was struggling to center into the slots without getting burned. Got er' done. Frustrated I closed her up and suddenly the gearside started to unscrew itself, I had this fixed from the previous two uses. Go figure... got that fixed after about 15 min... doing all of this my temp had dropped down to about 250, and didn't want to come back up. After some fussing, vents open and the top open, I finally pulled the bung plug in desperation and wha-lah, it came right up. Dennis, it was strange but as you can see the bird was fine. In retrospect I think if the little gear pieces were just slightly longer it possibly might be easier to seat more securely in a situation such as this, maybe preventing the left/right issue that I seemed to get wrapped around the axel so to speak. Going to try a smaller turkey soon to see what happens. All the best. Rick
  4. ColoradoRick


    Meater is an interesting idea, price point seems pretty high as compared to probe competitors, but, the idea is cool. Would be neat to have it for multiple pieces on the fire.
  5. ColoradoRick


    The problem all along was that there was no beer in the equation. Seriously.. it took a full open on the vents and a full turn on the cap, stuck.. I pulled the bung for the auto temp addition thingy.. that seemed to stoke it.. so brought the system up to 350 and replaced it and now holding solid. YEA! Not really sure what happened there, but I seemed to get wrapped around the axel pretty hard. 2 hours in.. checked things.. it is rotating fine and looking beautiful, more to come. OK, so the spin completed in just over 3hrs. Looks beautiful. Truthfully, it is just OK, definitely not the end product I thought it would be. The wife was not too impressed and said she missed the aroma from the oven... hmmm. Back to the drawing board.
  6. ColoradoRick


    Thanks for the heads up. So far I have had a smooth preparation and multiple test successes for the roti, etc. in the past two days. Then... as SOON as I placed the turkey in it all started going bad. The length of the two ends of the roto cage seemed to shorten.. Flexing perhaps? It is a 16.5lb bird SO.. I couldn't get it centered and spinning .. I either had it in deep enough to catch the motor turn and the opposite side would not be in the hole deep enough to stay. Or it was in the spring side deep enough but not deep enough on the geared side....all the while my flames getting bigger and hotter as I tried to place it. Arrgggg.. Got it....THEN.. the friggen motor screw started to unwind. Meaning it was an screwing itself. Go figure. I had tested that and locked and used it twice before... SO what is different today? No clue.. weight? So now... I have the bird spinning.. slightly burned from the time it sat while I tried to get things going correctly. The wife keeps telling me to just pan it.. NO WAY, I will WIN! lol... so now the temp is not coming back up for some damn reason no matter how open I have the vents, and the wind has kicked up to about 30kts. and .... lol... I am going to have a beer and see what happens.
  7. ColoradoRick


    I think you are spot on, been doing lots of searching on this, though most posters don't have KK's and almost none spinning the turkey collect drippings, I have and want both... I am giving it a go tomorrow so we will see.
  8. ColoradoRick


    HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL. Is anyone spinning a turkey today? I have a 16.5lb bird that I am going to try with the Roti on my 21", now rebranded as a 22". The Bird is in the brine and be tied for balance during the spin. Wondering what temp is good and for how long. I am thinking 275 for about 4.5? Using a Fogo Super Premium Hardwood Lump (huge char char chunks) on this one as I am spooky low on CoCo and CoffeeChar. I want to pull the bird at 160 internal. so going to have to open her (KK) up to probe as I can't leave the cabled sensor in..lol Advice?
  9. ColoradoRick

    Sneak Peak ~ KK 3/8" A36 Baking Steel

    So... is there any update on this? I guess I could use some antique cast iron flat pan, but sure would love to mate up my KK with this. -- Rick
  10. ColoradoRick

    42" SBB is in the house!

    WOW, congratulations on your creation. Is there a limit of one per barge? -- Rick
  11. ColoradoRick

    42" SBB is in the house!

  12. ColoradoRick

    cabinet is on its way

    Excellent! I notice that your sides are rounded outward, so I am curious how it will fit in the overall schema. i.e. not butted up to the KK. -- Rick
  13. ColoradoRick

    Roti motor

    That is the one that I bought off amazon back in late March and it worked without modification. I did need the two piece bracket that Dennis supplied to get it mounted however. -- Rick
  14. ColoradoRick

    How do I fold down the side tables?

    So thanks again everyone. I did get it figured out, and they do indeed hang folded, but, upside down if you will.. It requires the removal of the hanging bracket and the Rotisserie motor etc. The reason for all of this is because I bought the Sunbrella cover with the option of the side tables being covered. Well as it turns out I have to remove all the accessories and flip the tables to get the cover over it. Not really what I had in mind even though it said clearly on the site that it is with the side tables in the folded position. Maybe Dennis will have them made to cover with the side tables in the up position some day. -- Rick
  15. ColoradoRick

    How do I fold down the side tables?

    Hey Bruce, I am a bit further south. Down on the central coast by Santa Maria