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  1. Sneak Peak ~ KK 3/8" A36 Baking Steel

    So... is there any update on this? I guess I could use some antique cast iron flat pan, but sure would love to mate up my KK with this. -- Rick
  2. 42" SBB is in the house!

    WOW, congratulations on your creation. Is there a limit of one per barge? -- Rick
  3. 42" SBB is in the house!

  4. cabinet is on its way

    Excellent! I notice that your sides are rounded outward, so I am curious how it will fit in the overall schema. i.e. not butted up to the KK. -- Rick
  5. Roti motor

    That is the one that I bought off amazon back in late March and it worked without modification. I did need the two piece bracket that Dennis supplied to get it mounted however. -- Rick
  6. How do I fold down the side tables?

    So thanks again everyone. I did get it figured out, and they do indeed hang folded, but, upside down if you will.. It requires the removal of the hanging bracket and the Rotisserie motor etc. The reason for all of this is because I bought the Sunbrella cover with the option of the side tables being covered. Well as it turns out I have to remove all the accessories and flip the tables to get the cover over it. Not really what I had in mind even though it said clearly on the site that it is with the side tables in the folded position. Maybe Dennis will have them made to cover with the side tables in the up position some day. -- Rick
  7. How do I fold down the side tables?

    Hey Bruce, I am a bit further south. Down on the central coast by Santa Maria
  8. 19" table top and 21" comments welcome

    This is great information. I am still new to my 21 but really think the smaller size is in our future too. I really just realized from reading this, that I can use the 2nd tier rack (going down) by flipping it over and stacking it on top of the main grate. OK, Now how to use it. hehe. Thanks, Rick
  9. How Many, What Size, Where/How to Deploy?

    That is a beauty. I just love the lines on the 23. Congrats! -- Rick
  10. Baby Komo arrived today!

    This is a beauty, and the side table, what a bonus. Congrats
  11. How do I fold down the side tables?

    OK, got it. Thank you everyone. I for some reason had it in my head that they folded down from the table position. I sure appreciate this forum. -- Rick
  12. Hello again all. I seem to be having a mental block here. Does anyone have pictures of the process of folding the side tables down? I must be thick or something as I just don't see it. I can slide them off without issue but I see no way to fold them down. Thanks for the help. -- Rick
  13. Cassiopeia Has Arrived Home

    I know that this is late in coming, but congrats on a beautiful pair. I love that color. ( I have the same ) Now all I need is a little sister to my 22"! Great stuff.
  14. Just Received My 22" Komodo

    This is just BAD ASS!
  15. One year update on 22" Komodo

    I have the same KK and can say that after wading through the first 5 cooks that has been my experience also. % Lovin' every minute of it %