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  1. Lane is one of my favorite places in all the world. I grew up about 15 mins away. 30-35 years ago they just grew peaches, no strawberries (in fact, for a time they were the single largest peach producer in the country). But they distributed strawberries, mostly from South Florida. My grandfather was good friends with the Lane family and often acted as their buyer as he had many connections from working in the USDA. As a young child I spent countless hours playing on the line and in and around the trucks. To this day, the smell of a slightly chilled fresh peach takes me right back to that very place. I left the area long ago, but whenever we are near, my family always stops and has an ice cream. We also bing some fruit home and do grilled peaches which are pretty fantastic.
  2. I have the blue loctite. Will try again with pliers and a longer cure. Ultimately, I need it to come off. If I switch from chickens to Turkey (Thanksgiving) then I will need to move the location of the shafts.
  3. Turned out great. Chicken done perfectly. I preferred the jerk seasoning over the lemon pepper, but I tend to go for spicy. Only issue was the roti basket unscrewing. I used loctite on the threads, but I only gave it 6 hours or so to set before putting it on the grill. Next time I will put the loctite on and give it 24 hours. Overall, a success.
  4. Haven't posted for a while. Working like crazy. Busy with two kids also. Often, when we get home to cooking, it is already dark. Doesn't make for good pictures. A beautiful night tonight. Decided to try my rotisserie for the first time. Thanks to Dennis, finally got everything figured out with the right pieces. Used a little Loctite on the ends and it works like a charm. Did two chicken breasts. One with jerk seasoning, one with lemon pepper. Brined them both for approximately 12 hours before rubbing. Cooking relatively hot and fast. 400 for an hour to an hour and a half. If it doesn't get gobbled up, I'll try to get a picture when it's done. Beautiful night! All rubbed up and ready to go. On the grill! As Dennis has mentioned, the basket splitter for the 32 does not allow you to do a front and back split. As such, I had to improvise. I pushed all the lump tothe back of the basket and used one of my deflector stones. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  5. I think he is trying to be funny as if the chemicals in the paper have given him side effects. It is hard to decipher though.
  6. I think 250 is plenty hot. Last weekend I did ribs using syzygies smoking pot. I used the standard 2 quart pot from Lodge that many of us have. I heat soaked my 32 for about an hour and a half and then put the pot on 5 minutes before the ribs. I stuffed the pot full of chunk and chips and had smoke for about 5 hours. Also, there has been significant discussion about what to seal the pot with. I have not sealed mine with anything. the lid sits on pretty well and I have just left it that way. Seems to work pretty well. I may be losing some smoke around the lip, I haven't actually tried to watch it while it is smoking, but it is definitely creating the thin blue tasty smoke we are looking for. Sealing it might get me smoke for a longer period of time, I'm not sure. @bosco I think it probably wasn't sitting on the coals right and just did not get hot enough as @ckreef suggested.
  7. Congrats! and Welcome! I have a terra blue 32. It has been a wonderful addition to the family!
  8. Start with a pork shoulder or ribs (or both[emoji846][emoji846]). Both are forgiving and relatively inexpensive. They will give you a chance to get to know your new cooker without the worry of screwing up something expensive. For the burn in, steaks are always great. I did the burn in and steaks for my first cook, but in retrospect, I wish I would've done a low n slow first.
  9. @halfsmoke that looks delicious. The steak is done perfectly and I love grilled onions. That looks like a nifty tray you have on your grate for grilling the onions. Do you have some details on it so that I might find one for myself?
  10. Have been busy for a while. I have done s few cooks, but haven't posted anything or taken many pics. I have two teenage sons, food doesn't usually sit around long enough for pictures. [emoji51] Did burgers one night with broiled okra. A recipe my wife does giving all the flavor of fried okra, but much healthier. Also some green beans on there Tonight we did pork tenderloin in a grilled peach barbecue sauce with grilled bbq okra. There was also a grilled peach and bourbon vanilla sundae for dessert. All in all, pretty good. Still learning the KK. High temp grilling is great, but still figuring out how to get really hot without open flames.
  11. Wow! Looks like an epic meal. Happy Birthday! Hope you have many more!
  12. Thanks Dennis! I also chipped mine on the second cook. I would definitely be interested in a lip repair kit.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions! I will figure out a way to make it work.
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