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  1. Wow pizza AND dessert! Looks very tasty and yummy
  2. Yum that looks good
  3. What's underneath the tiles? Hope they don't fall of at burn in lol
  4. You make cool stuff Keith once I get my rotisserie completely set up I'll be purchasing some octo forks and skewers
  5. Looking deliciooooous
  6. Nice cook for first pizza can I have a slice
  7. Those potato wedges look pretty good think I'll try some. Mac where do you buy the red palm free boil? Do you have to get it at a specialty store .
  8. Nothing like a well stocked pantry
  9. Wow those chops looked good even before you grilled them. Great looking meal
  10. May the force be with him
  11. That looks delicious
  12. Here's the grill pan for Phillips air fryer
  13. I have had the T-Fal and I really loved it when I first got it but then I bought a Philips air fryer and I finally gave my T-Fal away. Right now I have a Philips air fryer a cooks essential air fryer with rotisserie, and also an XL pro. Needless to say I really like Air fryers LOL Mac; Phillips makes a flat grill pan that slips into the Philips air fryer. You take the basket out and put the grill pan in instead. That might be something you want to look into it would be a lot easier to flip your sandwiches. I can send you a picture what it looks like if you want me too.
  14. Looks scrumptious!
  15. Looking good Mac