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  1. Nice! I'm not much of a rib fan but after all the pictures and comments I guess I'll have to try some. It's not that I don't like them it's just I don't like to get my fingers greasy! Go figure after being a heavy equipment mechanic all my life. Oh well Mac your cooks inspire me to use my KK more
  2. Looking good Aussie. Nice to see you are using the kk roti basket. Those ribs look pretty tasty
  3. Wow those steaks look great, and so does the rest of the cook
  4. Yum that looks gooooood!
  5. Yum that looks delicious
  6. Look pretty yummy
  7. The air fryer does a pretty good job on a steak also.
  8. I like your knife collection. I collect custom made knives also. That onion knife looks beautiful is it still available?
  9. I haven't done ribs yet, but those look delicious
  10. Looks yummy
  11. I took Dennis advice and bought a heat gun from Harbor freight, it works like a charm. I have a weed burner hooked up to a propane tank but I don't use it because it scares me every time I lighted up LOL. I also have loooft lighter would like The heat gun better
  12. Charles you eat like a king! Happy fathers day
  13. As usual Mac does it again, yum they look pretty tasty. What kind of taste does garlic, orange, and onion give them?
  14. Welcome to the kk family! Why not leave it under the gazebo? i have seen pictures of kk'sin the snow, but don't think it was burn in. Wow nice set up in the back yard. I did my burn in with the coffee wood char. Happy Father's Day and happy grilling.
  15. If I like meager I'll probably get the block. It's going to do more