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  1. Mac no matter how you arrange it it still looks yummy.
  2. Beeeautiful set up
  3. Yum looks delishis
  4. Yum that looks deeelicious
  5. Happy grilling
  6. Tekobo;Dennis has a line of Beautiful teak cabinets. So you wouldn't need the side wings. Just a thought
  7. Also Dennis is such a pleasure to work with, he is definitely one of the good guys!
  8. I have a BB32 and love it. KK owners love their KK's no matter what size. I think it's better to have the extra space and not need it all the time than not have it and need it some of the time. What ever you get you'll love it it I guarantee! they are sooooo much better up close and personal than in the pictures it will blow you away.
  9. Looks really deelicious
  10. Wow Mac another killer breakfast. I love your pictures they are always so clear and delicious looking I feel like I can eat them right out of the picture
  11. Congratulations Dennis; what a nice article, of course it doesn't have anything in it that Us owners don't already know. I like the part of the article where the guy says he just goes out and looks at his KK. I've had mine over a year and I still just go out sometimes and look at it and touch it LOL
  12. Wow another Mac great meal looks yummy! With all the critters and birds you have around there don't think the spider will last long
  13. Yum looking delicious !!
  14. Yeah!!! a BB32 congratulations. Be careful moving it they are heavy. My friend and I moved my 32 to the back yard, had to take down two fences and go through my neighbors yard, and both of us are 74 yo. We used the two sheets of plywood method, worked great, they roll pretty easy. Have fun and happy grilling
  15. Neat idea