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  1. @Garvinque-I'll show you mine if you show me yours! I'll go first. Sourdough is by far my favorite pizza crust. You can 48 or 72 all you want. I'll take sourdough. Changing a few things up today. First, the position of the steel. In previous cooks I've been putting the steel on top of the KK baking stone. This gives me the benefit of the quick conductivity of steel backed by the slower conductivity of the stone. Thought I'd try the steel alone, but wanted the radiation buffer of the deflector. First time I've used that deflector. Thought it might heat soak quicker this way, but my IR gun tells me otherwise. Also, once heat soaked, the dome therm was reading 100 degrees hotter than the steel and the surface of the dome, so had to run a bit hotter on the dome therm to get equivalent steel temps. Also changed up the sourdough a bit. I've done Forkish style 70% hydration sourdough with 00 flour and with 25% flour from the levain. And I've done 65% Hydration sourdough with high protein flour (All Trumps or KA Pizza Blend) with 10% flour from levain. Today I did the Forkish version, but with KA Pizza Blend. It's been my experience that All Trumps is easier to work with than KA, and today was no different. Running 625 on the dome, here's my wife's pizza with spinach. And the bottom. This is why I love the steel. Gives the bottom a terrific, crisp texture and a bit of a spotted char. And my pizza. Artichoke hearts, mushrooms and prosciutto. And of course some of my cold smoked mozzarella. Gotta have that. Some conclusions from these experiments: Putting the steel directly on the stone works well. Stick with that. 70% Hydration with 25% of total flour from levain is the best tasting crust to date, but stick with All Trumps. Alright Garvin! Your turn!
  2. Nothing wrong with a quickie now and then. Could go for one of those dogs for sure.
  3. Beautifully done! Great color and glistening moisture.
  4. @Aussie Ora is in Perth. Just tagging him for you so that he sees this. He'll give you the details on import fees.
  5. Very nice! I think it might be pizza weekend in here.
  6. Heck yeah. Bring on the OctoSkewers...or Tentacles...whatever you call them. A natural progression of the OctoSystem.
  7. Very nice! I want those skewers.
  8. I was afraid that would surface sooner or later. I'm so ashamed.
  9. Correct. Should look like this...except for those old Kamado Joe grates that I was cleaning on the main grate.
  10. I was planning to do exactly what I just posted on Saturday. Maybe a touch more salt. Forkish likes 14g or 2.8%, which he says is Italian norm. American norm is 2%.
  11. Looks great! Agree with above. The stone is perfectly shaped and sized to fit on the upper grate and get your pizza into the dome. I like 550, but 500 works too.
  12. Leave it, but weigh your water and flour so you know it really is 100%. Cup measurements of flour vary a lot. You might want to do the last feeding before making dough with AP flour, or make a levain for your pizza using your starter and all AP flour. If you want 70% Hydration, consider this instead: 250 grams of levain 375 grams of AP flour 10 grams of salt (2%, which is pretty typical for pizza) 225 grams of water This will make 2 large or 3 individual sized dough balls. Consider using your starter to make an overnight levain. Take 50 grams of your 100% hydration starter and mix with 100g of AP and 100g of water the night before. This is the levain you'll use the next morning. You could then mix Forkish style: mix water, salt and levain, then add the flour. Knead a bit, then let bulk rise for three hours. Cut and shape your dough balls, then let proof for another five hours. Make pizza.
  13. What is the hydration of your starter?
  14. I don't know if it's haters as much as they have a narrowband filter that centers on Kamado Joe and traditional cooking. Don't post there nearly as much as I used to. Starting to like Amazing Ribs a lot more and poking back in at the Brethren more for the diversity of cookers and cook styles.