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  1. About 10 minutes at 550 is right. Looking good.
  2. Follow up... Here's what it looks like after two long smokes. Still clear, although I think I could take it down to a #6 mesh without issue. And the inside of the tube. Still clear. That bump is just the screen. No blockages.
  3. That was my comment on Instagram when Dennis first posted this one. He responded that they are currently shoring up the deck to add just that.
  4. I like!
  5. Thanks! Definitely hard to mooooove after all we ate. Did four new recipes today that I found using Eat Your Books. Really liking that site.
  6. That's awesome.
  7. Not so sure about that. From the KK instagram:
  8. Alright, some APL baked beans, starts with grating the pepper and onion, then squeezing out the moisture. Mixed up, then topped with some of my most recent batch of bacon. Done. Bouchon Bakery corn muffins. Sliced. No plate shot -- too busy plating for my guests.
  9. Please report back. Very curious about these.
  10. Coulda done 3 in the 23, but the upper rack is below with double bottom drip pan. Captured about 2 cups of jus, some of which went right into my espresso BBQ sauce.
  11. More to come, but I've got the answer to the age old question of whether you can fit two 14 lb Wagyu briskets in a 23.
  13. Waffles...all the time. Although I don't use the discard for this. Although it would work, it is past its prime in terms of both flavor and leavening "power". I mix my waffle batter within 12 hours of feeding, sticking with the young levain principle.
  14. It's really much simpler than that. Drop the yogurt and milk. All you need are equal parts (by weight) water and flour. After a few days you'll start seeing bubbles, then start the feeding process. It will be ready for use after about 10 days. Or if you want to jump start, as syzygies as suggested, make a poolish with yeast and start feeding after a day.