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  1. Interesting video if you live in LA. Although I live in a high cost of living area relative to the national average, houses and neighborhoods here are nothing like the average LA "densepack" neighborhood. What sold me on my current house was the privacy of the lot, backed into the woods, which was a real find in densely populated suburban DC. The outdoor space wasn't even a consideration in this video unto you got to house 3. So...the biggest takeaway of this video to me is this: Don't buy a house in LA.
  2. Still one of my favorite pics. My first KK cook ever on my 23. The heavens parted. The angels sang. An auspicious beginning to my KK journey.
  3. The light has improved a bit. More pics .
  4. Fat Man and Little Boy
  5. They're growing up so fast.
  6. Number of days is a minimum time to make sure it's safely cured. According to Meathead, you can go up to 25% longer. After that you should remove from the cure, rinse, and wrap in plastic in the fridge until you can smoke it.
  7. "Just" boneless skinless chicken breasts and skillet taters. Loving the real estate on the BB32.
  8. Socket wrench did the trick on mine, but not as old as yours.
  9. Same rods as came standard on my 32". They work great and easily installed. That door will never move again!
  10. Apples, oats and ginger. Practically health food.
  11. So...I ordered and received the locking rods and the above linked heat shield. The rods are great! Unfortunately, the heat shield doesn't fit -- a bit too wide. Seems to be sized for the front vent heat shield, not the gas port door.
  12. Honestly, I haven't eaten a fast food burger in so long I just wouldn't have a clue.
  13. The pizza and everything else look GREAT! I know a lot of people who love the ATK recipe. Nothing wrong with that. I'd just call it "Deep Dish" and leave the "Chicago" off. I'm on the hunt for a Papa Del's deep dish clone. There's a recipe at that I may give a go. Papa Del's is from another Deep Dish terroir about 2-1/2 hours south of Chicago, Champaign-Urbana, the home of the University of Illinois where I spent nine years of my life getting myself learnt (didn't take). Papa Del's is a thick, bready dough. Very distinctive and beloved by all Illini alumni. Heck, when I was recently asked by my old department to serve on the alumni board, I Couldn't help myself as I found myself asking the department head if Papa Del's was involved. He assured me it was, so I said, "Sign me up!" Anything for a great pizza...
  14. Love Steak au Poivre, although I generally do mine with filet mignon. And I like to ignite the cognac.