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  1. Which side tables

    Personally, I prefer the look of teak, but can’t go wrong with either.
  2. Turducken!

    Nice looking cook. For a second there I thought I’d wandered into a trailer for an Alien sequel.

    Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! Got my turkey doing what turkeys do best on the KK.
  4. Sleepless in Bethesda

    Welcome aboard from the other side of the beltway!
  5. Sockeye Salmon

    Salmon is one of my favorite KK cooks, and it’s hard to beat Sockeye. Great looking cook!
  6. SRF prime cowboy steak

    Absolutely perfect cook. Beautiful edge to edge medium rare. Nicely done!
  7. New KK owner in Seoul

    Another vac sucker here.
  8. 23" Komodo Kamado For Sale

    @DennisLinkletter, have you posted those photos and measurements anywhere? Can I suggest a sticky post on moving a KK with this info? Is the box the same for both the 23 and 32?
  9. Congrats! Beautiful setting. Where abouts you be in Tejas? Have been down that way a lot for work lately, so may be stopping by for a meal.
  10. It's Big... It's Bad.....

    You chose wisely. Welcome aboard!
  11. 32 Big Bad coming,..newbie questions....BGE owner

    Oh..if you've ordered, send @DennisLinkletter an email to be added to the owner's area. Other tips and advice there.
  12. 32 Big Bad coming,..newbie questions....BGE owner

    There is a one-time burn in process detailed in the owner's manual Dennis will send you by email. Not a BGE user, but had a Kamado Joe. Night and day difference. You'll see. Use whatever lump you're used to. No issues. Dennis' charcoals are on another level if you can get them. The BB32 is ultra flexible, so configuration depends on what you mean by "standard" grilling. If you want two-zone, perfect for reverse sear, then I use the half grate on top and lowest level for the sear. Can't do that easily on a BGE. If you want to direct grill for longer times, like chicken or pork tenderloin, then I'll use the top grate direct.
  13. If your ground is mostly level, best not to overthink it. Just get the plywood sheets and start rolling. I overthought movement of my 23" (mostly due to the grade). Even went so far as to call in-home, hourly movers. They quoted me $1,000 to bubble wrap it, then lift the KK into my backyard with four burly men. I pointed out it has wheels. NOPE! Bubble wrap and four burly men is the only way, they claimed. Anything else is UNSAFE. Obviously, I couldn't help but laugh out loud on the phone, raising protests and choice words from the other end. For the 23" -- one Army ROTC, myself, and two sheets of plywood got it done...SAFELY.
  14. Hello from the 757 area of VA

    Welcome aboard from the Northern part of the Commonwealth. A KK (or two!) would be a great way to celebrate retirement after all your years of service.
  15. Is the ground level or nearly so? If so, the common technique is to leapfrog with sheets of plywood, rolling it gradually. If there is a grade involved, as there was in my case, then the proper technique is to augment the leapfrog with four Army ROTC cadets from a nearby university, cooking them a steak dinner as their reward.