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  1. Drawing down on online forums, but will leave y'all with this. Sourdough pizzas. Ground my own Italian sausage.
  2. The splitter is easily removed. However, I have two baskets for my 23 not so that one is split and one not, but to hold different types of charcoal. One basket holds nothing but CoCo char for low and slows, and the other is regular lump for everything else. I have only one basket for my 32 that stays mostly in the 50% split configuration (two-zones), and I keep KK Coffeewood lump in that basket.
  3. Great color!
  4. Need to use one? No, not at all. I think I did once because I have one and wanted to see if it still works. It does. You'll get other opinions, though. I think Rob - @5698k - uses his quite a bit.
  5. @Syzygies - are your Fibrament-D stones the ones with the heat diverter? Fibrament seems to differentiate between stones for home ovens and stones for grills, where the stones for grills come with a heat diverter. Also, are you using these on the main grate or upper?
  6. Just in case you haven't seen it, Dennis has put all of the 19" Talls on sale for about the same price as the TT's.
  7. You won't see much difference by mixing KA bread and AP flours. High hydration doughs - and 70% is high hydration for pizza - can be hard to work with. Maybe try taking it down to 66% but stick with the same KA flour.
  8. I've done sourdough with straight Caputo 00 (59% hydration and 70% hydration), KA Pizza Blend (65% and 70%), and All Trumps (65% and 70%). Of these, the KA Pizza Blend is the worst at any hydration -- tears easily. Tastes good, but not a fan of this flour. Caputo 00 at 59% was troublesome, but I think I made a number of errors that day, so doesn't count. Caputo at 70% stretched easily. All Trumps is a champ -- never any problems with All Trumps and it makes great pizza too.
  9. @DennisLinkletter- this post by @Syzygies was extremely helpful to me when I was buying my 23.
  10. Just tagging @billg71 for you so he sees this.
  11. I believe this is a prototype Dennis has worked up and will make available if/when he finds someone to make them at a reasonable cost.
  12. That's not a meme on this forum!
  13. Ack! How do I get it off my BB32?? High heat burn? Zep 505?? I know! PBW! No! Call Dennis. He'll know!
  14. So Garvin - what did you like about the crust and what didn't you like? Maybe we can help with some pointers for the next go. You'll be acing pizza in no time.