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    Traveling Baby Backs

    Making 4 Racks for Niece’s Graduation Party tomorrow. The Smoking part I have down for the most part. My concern is when to pull. The Ribs will probably be finished off at B-I-L’s with Sauce. Along with when to pull the Ribs, how to transport them. I do not Foil when I cook Ribs but I would wrap in Foil to Transport. Towels ? Many advice would be helpful. Thank you.

    Bourbon Steaks

    This can be done using Reverse Sear ?

    Bourbon Steaks

    This looks really good. https://www.cookscountry.com/recipes/8820-grilled-bourbon-steaks?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_term=CCTV&utm_content=Steaks&utm_campaign=180503&j=36839&sfmc_sub=1196327&l=26_HTML&u=15425742&mid=7211371&jb=240&sk=0FC728F4E76840E641756E6D04298456&extcode=LT18E1QAA&sourcekey=CT18051AA&cds_response_key=IET18EAA0&cds_tracking_code=&tag=cctv-registrants-20&atc=cctvreg&Survey_id=&mi_ecmp=

    Chicken on the Rotisserie

    Since last week’s experience with using the Rotisserie on a Boneless Leg of Lamb was a failure, (my fault), I want to get back on the Rotisserie “Horse” and make good on a Chicken. My concern is the charcoal. Do use a whole basket of Charcoal or can I put charcoal in the rear ? I am using the 32” KK. Plan on cooking at 225-250. I have done chicken on the Rotisserie but I treat some cooks as “new” cooks. Thank you. Thank


    Using 32” BB.


    Making my a Boneless Leg was f Lamb on the Rotisserie. When using the Rotisserie, is the Lump Charcoal best placed in the back of the KK or just fill the whole basket ? Any other suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

    Neat Rotisserie

    I saw that too.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1454087358252658/permalink/1963686073959448/

    New KK decision made

    The 32” is a great Choice! A few of us have both , speaking for myself, I got the 23” first as the 32” wasn’t available. Then I got the 32” last year. Personally I like having the space to do more.
  10. EGGARY

    Dual Vents

    So using different Brands of Charcoal can create different results ? I guess I just have to play with it.
  11. EGGARY

    Dual Vents

    Is it possibly blue to just use the Vent Dial with the various holes on the right for smoking ? Will it create enough air ? Would like to get to 225. Which hole ? Setting for Top Vent.
  12. EGGARY

    Maple Grilling Spice

    My wife was in Ottawa,Canada thus past week. She picked up a jar of Fulton’s Maple Grilling Spice. Looks interesting. Any Canadian KKers know anything about this Spice Blend ? I bet it would be good on Chicken and Fish. Anything else ?
  13. EGGARY

    Temp Control Units

    I love The Meater. It does what it's suppose to do and it is easy to use. I have had all of the other Remote Thermometer and so far this is working great. I even ordered the Block, which I am still waiting for but the Company wants to get it done right. I would not wait until Christmas. The MEATER can be used when using the Rotisserie. I have started using the MEATER when grilling Steaks, especially when doing Reverse Sear. Once it reaches a certain Temp, I take out the MEATER to do the Reverse Sear.
  14. EGGARY

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Look up PRETZEL. I am not a big fan of Lox but the Lox would be best put on after the baking of the Pizza/Bagel. It does look interesting. Next time bake the Pizza Dough with the Sesame Seeds and/or Poppy Seeds. Let it cool a bit. Then put some Cream Cheese, the Lox, and some Red Onion, and if you like Capers, go for it.
  15. EGGARY

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Thank you so much MacKenzie. LOL That wasn't my chicken. I was writing about the MEATER. I just hope all my chickens look that good. I will use the picture as an inspiration.