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  1. I would do Naan just the way I did mine. I have made it several times and it turns out great. I think this way is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to make Naan in a KK.
  2. Re: I would go for a camping size one too Are you kidding? I saw the your picture with the dog at another forum.
  3. Re: Yup, still comes with a harness. Sanny are you saying you are going to do the lifting of the other two men?
  4. Some of us didn't have to cook because we ate somewhere else.
  5. I have never done leg of lamb but here are two posts that should help you. http://www.komodokamado.com/forum/viewt ... t=lamb+leg http://www.komodokamado.com/forum/viewt ... t=lamb+leg
  6. Freddie you might like to look over the review done by the Naked Whiz here. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/productreviews ... ado/kk.htm He has lots of pictures of the cooker and its parts. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Only if they taste as good or better than Buck Ribs.
  8. Merry Christmas to all. I have no idea what I'm cooking for Christmas.
  9. So is there a way for us to get his popularity back up? What do we need to do search for his name in IMDb?
  10. Did someone say something about a party? I guess we should have tandoori chicken at the party to keep the thread on subject. What else do you want? Wine? Now if there was venison ribs I would show up.
  11. Dennis, sad news about your dad. Thanks for sharing the picture of you and him. It looks like both of you were having a great time that day.
  12. Welcome to the forum Syzygies. Yea the design is nice isn't it?
  13. You know the chicken didn't look that great so I didn't take a picture of it. I'll try harder next time. trish you want some wine with tandoori chicken to go? We don't even have sit down service here. I'm not sure what to think now.
  14. I did Tandoori chicken today but with one small difference, I did it direct. The Tandoori ovens I have seen do the chicken direct so I though I would give it a try. When the KK hit 600° I put the chicken on and pulled it off after 20 mins. We can't stop eating the stuff it is so good. I think I'm going to pop I'm so full.
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