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  1. Dennis, I'm interested in this product, can you send me samples of each material? Scott
  2. Update: IMG_1443.HEICIMG_1443.HEICEspresso machine has landed and I will say that the Niche Zero is more than adequate to the task. My Lucca M58v2 seems pretty similar to the Profitec Pro 700 (the Lucca M58 v2 is a custom build for Clive Coffee from the Italian Company QuickMill). Both are Dual Boiler, PID controlled machines, the biggest difference I could see was the Profitec Pro 700 uses knobs for Steam and hot water where the M58v2 uses joysticks. So the Nice Zero can grind amazing coffee for pour over and espresso with a well indexed dial that allows you to move from
  3. I have a cyberQ Wifi, but not the cloud version. WIFI controller is running in infrastructure mode, so I get connectivity where ever I am via Cellular data connection back to my router. Pit Viper pushes snuggly into my 23 and 42 KK Guru ports, no adaptor needed.
  4. was going to buy Green egg 4 years ago too. Then my wife found the KK online and, well you know what happens next.. Quite interestingly if first heard about the Niche Zero on this forum quite a while ago. I've been curious ever since and after looking at the price/performance ratios implied on commercial burr grinders, it really seemed like a no-brainer. Can't have Stellar coffee without Stellar beans and a stellar grinder! Next will be the espresso Machine. Looking seriously at Clive Coffee in Portland, Oregon. They have a machine that seems to hit all the right notes. Once I ge
  5. I ordered my Niche Zero in January and expect that it will be shipping any day now. I told myself if I ordered it, i would forget about it and be pleasantly surprised when, months after it was paid for, it magically arrived at my door. The "completely forgot about that" part of my plan was never realized, but I do so hope it shows up soon so I can satisfy my need to see just how bad the 89 dollar grinder i use today really is!
  6. I'm looking forward to a pallet or two in northern California. Anyone want to work together together to offset the cost? PM me and we'll work out the details.
  7. don't know about the rest of ye, but coco char is unparalleled for low n slow and neutrality. Looking forward to meeting the next transport into Long Beach!
  8. OK, here is the epilogue to this story. Can it be done? Absolutely! After many hours of experimentation and managing challenges during the 4 cooks of 4 Briskets each, I can offer the following advice: 1 - Fill your charcoal basket with double the charcoal you thought you would need. Brisket is not predictable from cook to cook and more meat means more mass. More mass means more time. More time means more charcoal. I came very close to running out during cook 3 and it really messed with my sanity in the middle of Sunday night. Trust that the cook will shut down in an orderly whe
  9. I will update this thread with my experiences on the sous vide re-heat. Here is one of the sliced packages. I've done this on a much smaller scale with good results to date. Going big does pose some challenges that will need to be overcome, but I'm confident this will work out.
  10. OK, So the first cook went off effortlessly on 4 packers, I did a heavy trim to reduce the rendering, as 4 packers un-trimmed could create a lake in my charcoal basket. seasoned and cooled in the fridge. Next was to get the cook set up, so I used about 15 lbs of coco charcoal in the center of the charcoal basket, installed two heat deflectors over the heat source, then two large disposable aluminum roasting pans to catch drippings. I lit the charcoal and installed the main grate, temp probes and DigiQ wifi. heat soaked to 240 degrees then added the meat directly ov
  11. I normally trim ~3.5 to 4lbs of fat when prepping a full (USDA PRIME) packer, so I do remove a good deal of the slabbed fat. I still get significant rendering during the cook of a single brisket (another 2-3 lbs of liquified fat). I figure that I'll need to multiply that figure by the number of Briskets cooked simultaneously, so basically 12-18lbs of rendered fat or the equivalent of a whole untrimmed packer brisket. Do you have any experience in partially separating the Point prior to the cook so that more surface area receives direct contact with the smoke?
  12. I have another question regarding rendered fat management. I would imagine that 4-6 briskets will generate about 4-6 times the rendered fat. I have some reasonably large HD Foil roasting pans, but I was wondering if anyone has a more elegant suggestion for capturing the fat before it saturates my cooker! Thoughts?
  13. Tekobo The KK and the venue are about 60 miles apart so I cannot rely on anything other than advanced preparation, although you bring up a good point about the final cook timing, as that meat could be transported in a cooler resting and ready to slice while the earlier couple of cooks can be chilled, sliced, bagged and then heated through gently via sous vide. I have a number of Joule Immersion circulators so capacity should not be an issue, but Fresh off the KK is always the best way to go. I think I will try and wrap my head around the timing to see if that final cook can be accom
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