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  1. That looks fabulous. How does the teak hold up in direct sunlight? Or will you keep it covered?
  2. I've never seen bacon chops in Montana. Is it cured like bacon? Another name for pork belly? Either way it looks delicious. How did you make rum sauce?
  3. I use the PC to cook carrots for around six minutes. Some melted butter and salt a little lemon juice. Put it into the vitamix on purée. Delicious.
  4. Oops. Just saw your recipe. Not frying them in the PC, correct?
  5. I was under the impression that oil should not be used in a standard pressure cooker.
  6. Your cooks are marvelous what are you cooking the chicken on? Grill grates? tim
  7. Why the aluminum foil? Are the lit coals underneath it? Doesn't it restrict airflow? Tim
  8. That looked fantastic. Why do you put the butt into the freezer?
  9. Thanks. It wasn't on the website so I didn't order it. I will have to email Dennis.
  10. Does the basket splitter for the 32" come with an extra basket? I don't see where an extra basket is available as an accessory on the website. Thanks. Tim
  11. With 32" charcoal basket splitter/reducer, does that $180 include the basket or is that just the reducer plates? I don't see a spare basket available for the 32" grill
  12. Instead of putting them on a rack with a fan blowing on them (out of the bag at that point), put them on a plate in your vacuum chamber. In New York. Not California.
  13. Do you use a chamber style vacuum sealer? Couldn't you simply put the food in there on a plate. The negative pressure will dry the food out, perhaps. Might be easier/quicker? Food for thought.
  14. Posted 2 hours ago · Report post Howdy KKers! So it was a miserable evening to cook last evening. The temperature was only about 95F, but the humidity took the Heat Index to 110F! Just flat dadgummed miserable. It's forecast to be a Heat Index this evening of 115F or better this evening! HOWEVER, ever the trooper, I was not to be deterred (I had a couple or 3 or 4 COLD beers ...). Here is a cook of mini peppers, summer squashes, Vidalia onions, etc. 90/10 hamburger, and cottage cheese. Simple, quick, healthy, and easy! Here are the veggies on the flip side of the Grill Grates. The torpedo burgers on the main grate of TheBeast. Torpedo burgers? I have so much to learn. Looks great
  15. Oh, sure I get the concept of a consistent temperature and I understand the relationship of time and temp as it pertains to pastuerization. I've been cooking with sv for about eight years. At 124f the inside would appear uncooked, I'd think. Admittedly I've never cooked at this low a temperature. Maybe I'm stuck in a rut? Also, if the meat has been refrigerated then presumably the internal temp will approach 45f, or whatever the refrigerator is set at. So if you pull it out in the 40s, and sear the outside, how warm/cold is the inside? If you're trying to warm the inside of the meat then wouldn't a temperature gradient across the meat become unavoidable? This site has been great for new ideas. Thanks to all.
  16. So steak at 130ish and scallops at 122ish? You have 2 sv? What I did this past weekend was tri tip at 131 then dump water and meat in small yeti cooler. Then potatoes in at 194f to cook for potato purée. Having two would be way easier. Hmmmm....
  17. Is it cooked at 124? How hot is the interior when you do it this way? Why not leave it in the sv until grilling time, then ice bath to cool the exterior then sear on grill. Interesting.
  18. Mackenzie, how do you "check"? Do you have a thermometer inserted in the halibut?
  19. I generally cook my steaks sv at 131f which keeps the wife happy. Then onto a Tec infrared grill for about 45 seconds per side. Perfect every time.
  20. What temperature are you using in your water bath?
  21. If you do forward sear, does that result in the sear becoming somewhat soggy? Isn't that part of the reason to reverse sear?
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