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  1. Oops, I was actually using Lumberjack pellets and not CookingPellets.
  2. I cooked ribs this weekend using the cold smoker and the fruit blend cookingpellets. The tar residue was aweful! Following the cook I pulled the cold smoker out and the part that inserts into the guru port was coated in tar. I put my plug back in and yesterday it was essentially glued into the KK. I was spinning a chicken last night and wanted to remove the plug to get the coals up to temp faster. It wouldn't budge. I tried again once the KK got up to temp and it came right out but had the tar all over it. The first time I used the cookingpellets I did not have any tar residue. Not sure what changed this time around. They were from the same bag as last time.
  3. Aussie, I am jealous. Mine came wrapped in bubble wrap and not the newspaper like my last order. They were a fun read.
  4. I would expect the Meater+ and the block to work independently from each other but I can not say that for sure. I backed the campaign over two years ago and had given up on it until I got the shipping notice. I can say that any shipping time prediction should be taken with a grain of salt. We were promised the product repeatedly over the last couple of years. I was commenting above about my experience with the block. It seems solid but if I had to have something soon, I would have no issues with any Thermoworks product.
  5. I was a backer on the Meater campaign and took delivery of the Meater block a few weeks ago. I have been impressed with unit and having four probes is great. I used it the other night to do a reverse sear on a rack of lamb that was cut down to two bones per piece which left me with four pieces total. Perfect for the four Meater probes. The ambient temp sensors all stayed within a degree or two of each other and the lamb came out perfect. I also have the Thermoworks Smoke and it is a solid performer. I will say that since I got the Meater, I have not used the smoke. It is also nice to be able to insert the probes before taking the meat out to the grill and they are super easy to clean. The big bonus is that you do not have to deal with the wires and no need to cover the block from rain as it is inside. The Meater block sits inside in my pub (other side of the wall from the grill location) and the connection is solid.
  6. I got an email from Sally at http://pepperberry.net.au/ and she said the freeze dried pepperberries (aka purple crack) were available again so I ordered a kilo of them. They are out for delivery today I have ordered from them in the past. They are easy to work with and the previous orders have been great. I need to keep this order locked up because as soon as my family and friends find out that I have resupplied they will be at my door looking for handouts!
  7. Hello, Check out this link to get a feel for the quantity of food that you can fit on a 22" Hi Cap. Mine is the standing version but identical in size to the table top. Fully Loaded my 22 Hi Cap
  8. Great news Dennis. Will the coffee lump be available for purchase on the KK website?
  9. I still have about 20 boxes myself. Great to hear about the shipping arrangement. What is the word on the possibility of getting Coffee Char? That is my favorite charcoal. Like Robert said, I have been burning my CocoChar slowly. Time to start using it more!
  10. Thanks everyone! The crowd might have been influenced by the four beers I had on tap. They were drinking quite a bit before dinner. The poppers were the first thing served and they lasted about ten minutes! For the party we had four of our homebrews on tap, a Vienna lager, a black IPA, a New England style IPA and a Gose. We also had a hard cider that my son and I made. My son also made some fruit syrups (strawberry, mango and blueberry) to mix with the cider for anyone who wanted a fruitier drink. The brisket, ribs and poppers were totally gone by the end. There was a bit of the pulled pork leftover. That crowd could eat and drink! It was a good evening!
  11. We hosted a cookout at our house this past Saturday with forty guests. The menu consisted of pulled pork, brisket, ribs, jalapeno poppers, smoked mac and cheese (no pics) and smoked baked beans. We smoked the mac and cheese and baked beans on Thursday and reheated them in the oven for the dinner. The three pork shoulders and 16lb brisket went on at 9:00pm on Friday. These were both done and pulled at 11:00am and six racks of ribs took their place. I used pecan pellets for the butts and brisket in the cold smoker and went with apple wood for the ribs. Everything turned out great! Pork butts are on. The brisket is added to the top grate. These are done and ready to come off. The ribs go on. We cooked fifty poppers in the vision grill while the ribs were finishing up. Unfortunately with the amount of work we had to do, I did not get any additional photos. The food was a huge hit and I now know the limits that my 22" can do at a given time.
  12. Wow, that looks like a celebration breakfast for sure!
  13. I had no issues stretching this to a large 16" pizza. The dough was easy to work with. I am using a 1 1/4" soapstone for my pizza stone and I probably needed to let it heat up more. The stone temp was around 375 and the KK was at 500. It takes forever for this stone to heat up, I let it go for two hours. It heats evenly and retains the heat for a long time. Do you have any experience with a baking steel?
  14. First homemade pizza dough from ckreef's tutorial. We used 100% KA pizza blend for this dough. The pizza turned out awesome. We had been using store bought dough from Trader Joes and this was much better. It was also extremely easy to do. I may start to mess around with different flour combinations but this one is a keeper for sure!
  15. The taste is unique and I find myself using it on everything. I did two prime ribs for my company Christmas party and the rub was equal parts kosher salt and purple crack with some rosemary and thyme added as well. I used a mortar and pestle to get a coarse grind on the peppers. My guests loved the prime rib. The peppers were not overpowering at all and really added to the flavor. We also served two pans of chuck roast burnt ends which were demolished.
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