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  1. Beautiful pizza! Care to share your crust recipie ?
  2. Looks fantastic! I cooked a try tip last night came out great but forgot to snap a picture.
  3. Chef, All looks Delicious, you are quite the professional KK King.
  4. Hey Shelley, yourribs look Delicious, can you please tell me what temp you used for approx how long? Thank You
  5. Thank you all for your replays , Saturday Smoked Salmon 1st try. Hoping to get my KK down to about 165-170 degrees. Wish me luck . Any pointers welcome............I thank nk I could use some.
  6. Cannot wait to try your smoked salmon this weekend , excellent post . 

  7. Your right on the latch, it is just a little hard for me to do physically but I will figure it out.

    1. cschaaf


      Yeah, that makes sense. It takes a few cooks to figure out all the ins and outs.

      We're all here to help in whatever way we can.

  8. Thank you all for the great welcome, our new KK really is a piece of cooking art. My wife Karen and I look forward to many great cooks and new friends.
  9. Well, we finally did it, we set up our new KK 22" after a long week in LA we came back to AZ and went to work, well our local mover set it in our backyard for us. I have to say that this cooker is built like no other i have ever seen, the quality is excellent even the supplied tools are stainless. The cooking grates and basket are welded to near Aerospace quality. After we set up i lit a basket of lump coal to get to know how to control the temp and right from the start I was able to get a 3 hour steady temp of 250 degrees with just a few adjustments. could not be happier. After playing around we decided to have our neighbors over and cook some poppers and chicken which all turned out fantastic. In the past with other grills we have had , Viking, Fire Majic, we only really grilled steak , chicken etc. With our new KK we plan on expanding our cooking prowess, later on this week I will be trying to smoke some salmon , I just hope I can get the KK down to 165 degrees???? not sure how to do it yet but I know I will have fun trying , then were on to Pizza. I think I figured how to get the temp cranking buy latching the lid to the first notch and opening the bottom and top vents it will get hot quick. Lastly , the height of this KK worked out perfect for me from my wheelchair Dennis was a great help thank you all !!
  10. Thank you all, I'm counting the days and hours until I get the chance to set up my new 22" table top up. I am trying to figure out my first cook, probely Chicken simple 1/2 cup soy , 3 cloves minced garlic , the juice of 1 good lemon and a 1/2 cup water. So simple , marinate overnight. I am so impressed that this cooker has such a great following with a wonderful group of people.
  11. I am very happy to say , I ordered my new 22" high top table top on Monday and even though the banks were closed Monday my KK arrived today here in Paradise Valley Arizona. Dennis had been absolutely fantastic to deal with, helped me through the selection process and educated me not only on the KK but also on charcol. My only disappointment is that tomorrow am I have to leave for California and will not be back to uncreate and set up until the following week! In the meantime I will be studying all I can about , the first burn and enjoying everyone's cooking posts. Thank you be back soon.
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome, I spoke to Dennis this morning and my unit should be on its way very soon. In the meantime I will be reading as much as I can from all you KK PROS so that on my firs cook I don't mess it up. Thanks again Tom
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