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  1. @Chanly1983just type the @ symbol then start typing a username. You'll get a popup list with matches. Click the one you want and they will get notified of your reply.
  2. I see where you are coming from, but the only thing worse than cooking exactly what they ask for and having them think "This wasn't any better than I could do" would be to cook it the way you think they should eat it and having them either A. not try it at all because it doesn't look like what they are used to or B. try it and not like it.
  3. On the sous vide front, you could SV 2 at a time, then follow with an ice bath plunge. You can hold them for up to a week in the fridge. Pull them out day of, hit with some additional rub, and smoke 'em. I've done 6 pork butts at a time this way.
  4. My parents were recently in Iceland. They said food was extremely expensive - so just be prepared. They aren't fancy restaurant people at all and said they went places that were $30 for a simple chicken breast meal. They ate a lot of hot dogs, which are apparently kind of a national dish there. They said the hot dogs were very good and the most affordable meals - about $4-5 for just a hot dog. They ended up going to a grocery store and eating a lot of cereal lol I went to Tripadvisor and looked for their recommendations in the cheapest category. Picked some random restaurants and clicked through to check prices. Burger place - hamburger, fries and a drink ($18.59), shake ($8.80) Kebab place - donar ($18.10), grilled chicken salad (22.40), 12" Margareta pizza ($24.36) Not trying to scare you off, just want to make sure you are aware. My parents were not. lol
  5. I've done both ways, too. I have a Kamado Joe half-moon CI griddle (for the Classic) that I use. I put in the basket splitter and put the griddle over the lump side. I can only get 4 patties on there - which is enough for two burgers (I do two 2oz patties per burger - more surface area for crispy bits). Works well when it's just the wife and I. If any of the kids are home, I have to do it in shifts. No big deal, though - I smash them very thin and they are done in about 2 minutes.
  6. I've tried it a few times but always go back to the mobile version of forums.
  7. Wow, nice pictures! It's one of our dreams to go to the Maldives or somewhere in French Polynesia on vacation and stay in one of those bungalos - same idea as you, only do that splurge for a few nights. And do it at the end of the trip; if you stayed in the bungalos on the first night, the rest of the stay would have been a downgrade lol
  8. That all looks fantastic! Nicely done. And that is one hell of a mortar and pestle you have there!
  9. That grate was on TOP of the lump, not on the bottom of the basket. It was used as a searing grate right on top of the coals.
  10. I joke about the SV pizza, of course... but there are some that think SV is the answer to every question. And it's not. And I totally get that opinion about fried chicken, @Shuley I can skip the normal fried chicken, but I do like chicnek fingers. I've never made fried chicken or chicken fingers the 'traditional' way, but I tried making chicken fingers SV-style, and I'm with @tony b, it's a game changer. SV isn't for everyone, and it does take some experimenting to find a time and temp that you like. If you love smoke flavor, you can still do it with SV, it just takes more work than it's probably worth. Speaking of, I made SV corn on the cob for the first time the other night and it was really good... but I doubt I'll do it again. I bet the SV version would win in a taste test, but there are other ways to make it that are easier.
  11. If you are trying to sous vide your pizzas, you are doing it wrong.
  12. Then he's confused... Instagram IS social media
  13. I asked Dennis about this when I ordered my basket splitter for my 23". The one picture shows a vertical splitter, the half-moon horizontal plate, and, on the other side, a half moon grate that sits at the same level as the plate. That is an older configuration and it no longer includes the grate - so it's just the two pieces.
  14. Congratulations! Charge up your camera battery and clear some storage space!
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