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  1. Don’t let all that great rendered duck fat go to waste. Parboil cubed potatoes then brown them in the duck fat. Yum. Our go to way to finish the breasts is to sauté shallots, deglace with calvados, add stock, sliced apple and several cloves, cover and cook until apples are tender. Serve the sauce over or under the sliced breasts.
  2. John T

    Basic advice

    Thanks, folks. I didn’t know about the short top grill option. J
  3. John T

    Basic advice

    total newbie question relating to the reverse sear protocol: After the cook on the main grill, do you remove the main grill from the KK and place to the side to access the sear grill for those final few minutes? The hinged section on the grills doesn't seem wide enough to provide good access. Thanks
  4. Absolutely move it while still in its shipping crate using a pallet jack. On sloping ground, pump up the jack just enough that you can move it, keep your hand on the hydraulic release, and drop it back down before the works get rolling too fast downhill. I moved our 21" by myself, burping it down a slope, leapfrogging sheets of 3/4" plywood. But at twice the mass, you might want a second pair of hands helping.
  5. we use resealable silicon pouches for sous vide from these folks: https://www.stasherbag.com/collections/the-stasher-ecosystem?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo9_eoc7h6gIVQcDICh1mwAjYEAAYASAAEgJJsPD_BwE Never get all the air out, but that seems not to matter. Clothes pin or clamp to the side of the pot to keep the bag submerged.
  6. so pardon my ignorance, but how many boxes (shipped on one pallet) are needed to make this a "good deal?" If indeed the charcoal doesn't go bad over time, I could be talked into joining.
  7. A bit premature for me (our 21” Supreme is aboard ship 2+ weeks out of LA) but down the road I’d be interested in sharing a pallet order. No idea yet what our usage rate might be, and thus how many boxes I could take. I do have loading dock access at work, and drive a half ton pickup w/ 8’ bed. Located on Cape Cod.
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