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  1. Congratulations and welcome
  2. I am a confident and experienced outdoor cook, but I found myself surprisingly inept at building a proper fire in my KK and lighting it correctly. I also ordered all the accessories offered with my model and really wished there were a diagram of how to configure all of them for the various types of cooking. I encourage you to read, word-for-word, Dennis’ entire set of instructions, view lots of videos and keep in touch with this very helpful forum. There is definitely a learning curve, particularly if you have just graduated from a gas grill and a Traeger, but it is a fascinating journey an
  3. Oh! This is a real problem. Out housekeeper is not happy and I forbid SOS pads. I will try this. So much to learn. Merry Christmas. Dan
  4. Thank you all. As a newcomer, I am still struggling to learn what all these components do, how to configure them in layers for various kinds of cooks, how not to damage the elements and how to clean them. This experimentation has been a little tough on grates and pans. I will try using foil on the lower grate, this weekend, instead of warping another drip pan and some hi temperature oil spray on the grates. I have moved everything out to our covered “party pavilion” where my KK will not get covered by the impending snow storm in Idaho. There is a huge fireplace out there to keep me warm w
  5. Beechcraft planes are all Nirvana. I toured the factory and watched my B-36TC being manufactured and they let me fly home, left seat, hands on, from Wichita to Phoenix in a new King Air 350. Later, I was a King Air passenger from PHX to London and Paris (via Minneapolis, Goose Bay, Rikiavik and Shannon). Fun stuff. I miss it.
  6. Yes, Coco Char is available and I ordered 4 boxes of each and the order was confirmed already. I sequentially owned two new Bonanzas I think my first was an F-33 to learn on, but quickly replaced with a new B-36 TC, because I was based at Phoenix Sky Harbor and really needed air conditioning and the turbocharger for mountain flying. Tail number was 91DD, and it was a 1991. It is still flying and based in Van Nuys.
  7. Indeed, I received immediate, helpful, friendly advice and ordered Dennis’ fuel. My tendency was to use hardware store cheap fuels, fill the charcoal basket to the brim with raging hot coals and too much Post Oak, then try to control an out-of-control situation with the dampers. This is a far more subtle and restrained method of cooking and I want to become an expert. I can remember marveling at the chefs at Trader Vick’s making Chinese spare ribs on grills like this. I am determined to get good at this. Thank you all for your advice. Dan
  8. You guys are all so helpful. I am going online the second I finish thanking you, to order several more boxes of extruded coconut fuel from Dennis. My suspicions are being confirmed, that “slow and easy wins the race.” Reminds me of my early pilot training in a Bonanza; trying to overcorrect variances in altitude, keeping the wings straight and level and the speed constant. Those first few lessons, I was flying through airspace like a porpoise. I will now use high quality, consistent fuel and restraint. Maybe now I can “navigate” to blue smoke and ultimately a great brisket, by the time w
  9. Thank you both. I have some of Dennis’ Coco Char fuel, but it was stacked with random boxes in the garage. Cowboy Brand Natural Charcoal Briquettes are highly recommended at BBQ competitions, and my other smoker manufacturer (Stump’s Gravity Fed Smoker) recommends against “lump charcoal,” because big lumps clog the feeder chute. Sounds as though I need to use Dennis’ Coco Char extruded coconut shell fuel exclusively. For those of us who can justify buying such a great cooker, fuel cost is hardly the issue. My wife, Martine is not a fan of harshly smoky BBQ, so I have to remedy this proble
  10. Our Spatchcocked Thanksgiving Turkey made me realize I need help. I have a new KK 21” Supreme with all of the accessories. There was already lots of charcoal in the basket from a previous cook I had smothered, but not realizing that, I filled a charcoal chimney with Cowboy brand natural briquettes and combusted them to red hot and little or no “dirty,” white smoke, added it, with four small chunks of Post Oak and hooked up the BBQ Guru and fan bellows, fully opened and also opened the exhaust chimney wide to get things going. (It was 21 degrees Fahrenheit at the time.) I set the Guru for 3
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