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  1. Congratulations! Mine is still in the garage, don't want to uncrate it until I have moved it, though I have contemplated uncrating, removing the innards to lighten the load, and then putting crate back on for moving
  2. BB 32 completed her journey to NC and finally to my house this morning. The lift gate wasn't very deep so the driver had to place the crate 90 degrees to where it should be facing, and you can see from the one picture that it was tilted at a precarious angle. What you can't see, or only part of is that I was behind the crate pushing on it so the pallet jack could roll off the side of the gate. Got it off the lift safely and wheeled it into the garage for inspection. My first thought was that there is no way this is a 32", it had to be a 42" because it's so big. I've read hundreds of times
  3. Great looking grill, can't get over the size of those grates, and I like you added the comparison with the Primo. Primo XL was one I was considering when I decided I needed more room, seeing the two side by side there is no comparison and I think I made the right choice. Looks like @braindoc and I will be the last ones cooking from those who had grills in this shipment, though I haven't scheduled delivery, it should show up this week.
  4. I called this morning, and the grill has just arrived at the local hub! I was told I would get a call this evening to arrange delivery, not sure if they deliver on Saturday, but at least I know I'll be cooking on it next weekend!
  5. For me, it would be an overwhelming and very welcome surprise. There are some threads on cooking with vertical skewers, I posted about the Trompo King which triggered replies with other options for vertical cooking. I'm marinating my chicken now for a shwarma cook tomorrow.
  6. Nice, can't wait to see it! Still no word on mine, I may break protocol and call the shipping company anyway, hopefully it's made it to Atlanta by now!
  7. Welcome Lila. There is a handful of us who had grills on the ship that docked about three weeks ago, and now we're all waiting on our delivery days. I spend more than a few minutes each day reading both the new and older posts. Lots of information on here, and it is also interesting to see how the KK has evolved the last several years, many of the improvements are the direct result of suggestions from members that Dennis has implemented into new designs. Though I have never seen one in person, I believe I have made a pretty good investment.
  8. I received the One Grill motor for my rotisserie this weekend, does that count?
  9. I called the shipping company, and my grill is still in LA but on the truck. It's on the way to Atlanta where it will be loaded on a second truck and shipped to me, I was told near the end of next week. Memorial Day is still on the table!
  10. I'm in North Carolina, so the grill is going cross country for me too
  11. Same for me, I enter the BOL and destination zip code, it says "no matches". I tried calling yesterday around 5 and was on hold for a few minutes before I had to hang up. I'll try again today.
  12. Received my shipping emails this morning, so my BB 32 is finally on the road! Have not called the shipping company yet to see what my ETA is, but I may be cooking by Memorial Day! I will have the delivery person put the grill in my garage, then I will need to figure out how to best get the grill into my backyard. My front yard is levelish, but there is a slope into the backyard and through a gate. I'm thinking either use the plywood leapfrog method and roll it on the casters, and maybe tie a strap to the grill to help ease it down the hill. Other option is to rent a pallet jack and do
  13. Received my emails early this morning, need to call the shipping company to see what my ETA is. Might be cooking by Memorial Day!
  14. Emails received at 5:30 this morning!
  15. Impressive video and very comprehensive, I was ready to order another one and I sill don't have my first one. I agree with you on the SS band, it's there to protect the lip, but it really does make the grill pop!
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