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  1. This is so true. When I got the message on March 13th that where I work was closed and I would be working remotely until further notice, I never even imagined I would still be working from home a year later. You just never know what is in store next. That is a nice looking grill, and it will look great in my "woodsy" backyard. For accessories, I definitely want the rotisserie, and I would think the stronger motor would be preferable based on the size of the grill and the amount of meat I would be able to fit on the spit. I would also like side tables, and it sounds like the charcoal ba
  2. I did contact Dennis today, actually he called me after I opened the chat box. I asked about timelines for the custom tiles he has on the website along with other questions about best grill size fit for me. He agreed (as did many of you) the 32 would work well for me. As for the tiles, he said there a quite a few back orders to fill from when the tile factory was closed due to Covid, so if I chose one of those custom colors, it would be mid-summer at the earliest before it could be shipped and delivered. If I chose blue, it would be even longer since the demand for those is greater. He d
  3. Sweet brewing setup! I have been eyeing the Hop Rocket, how do you like it? I also have a kegerator I converted to a two tap system, I have both ball lock and Sankey connections so I can go commercial when my personal inventory is low. Sounds like a nice setup on the grill accessories, I'm still contemplating everything including color, I should probably contact Dennis soon as it looks like August for arrival if I order soon.
  4. Those are gorgeous tiles, now I am having second (3rd 4th?) thoughts.
  5. I was in Minneapolis, went to the beer dinner at I think it was Surly, then on to a baseball game. I go easy on pro brewers night, or whatever it is called now, and valiantly attempt to try as many homebrews as I can on club night. I have been thinking about SD, but I have to see how CA and the rest of the country is doing before a cross country flight. Plus I could use that money on a few more KK accessories.
  6. In the southeastern US, we fry anything, and fried turkey is delicious! I never fried one in my brew pot, but I may have steamed a bushel of oysters or two. Not sure if there is a place for beer in the recipe section, but I will get you the recipe. I love brewing with rye, it can get a bit sticky so I always use rice hulls so I don't end up with a stuck sparge. I brewed a spruce tip rye IPA once with spruce tips I picked off a tree at a place I was staying in Maine, one of my favorite beers I've brewed. Have you ever tried smoking your malt for a rauchbier or other smoked beer using your
  7. Thanks Troble. I have a few obstacles to overcome before I commit to the 32. According to the dimensions it's almost 36x36, and if I want it on my deck, it is going to have to go through the house and I'm not sure it will make it out the back door to the deck. Alternatively, it could go under the deck on the patio, but there is a decent hill to get from the front yard to the back yard. At least it is downhill!
  8. @Tony we have probably passed each other at a past NHC, and if you were in Baltimore or Philly, you may have tried one of my beers on club night!
  9. Thanks Tekobo, starting to consider which accessories I might want, but that will be another post. Looks like you're bit of a night owl!
  10. Is the rack the pizza stone is sitting on an optional accessory? Those pizzas look great, and cooking two at once would be a luxury!
  11. I lived about a 5 minute bike ride down Newells Lane from west lake, had a friend who lived on John Dr. and I would go there to swim and fish quite a bit. I heard rumors about the drive-in, was hoping it wasn't true, but that is a unique spot so I'm sure it is in high demand. I'll definitely hit Coveside next time, smoked whitefish dip and a cold beer always hit the spot.
  12. Hi BOC, Portage is my hometown too! Of course when I lived there Pfizer was Upjohn, so that dates me a bit. I was born there, but moved away when I was 10, went to Waylee elementary, older brother graduated from Portage Central. My oldest brother was principal at Moorsbridge. I go back once a year to see family, it's a lot different but as long as I can get an olive burger at West Lake Drive Inn, I'm happy.
  13. I've been brewing about 15 years now. I have a Sabco that served me well after doing time with canning pots, turkey fryers, water coolers etc. I have since downsized to a Blichmann Brew Easy which does a better job with 5-gallon batches and I no longer have to lift kegs filled with wet grain. I used to do 10-gallon batches, but I don't drink as much, kids moved out and with the pandemic, we haven't had any homebrew club meetings or beer festivals where I can share. I do have a recipe that I brewed at a local brewery, the head brewer was in my club and always enjoyed my chocolate rye porter
  14. Hi All, I kind of jumped on Kirby's welcome post, so I figured I should start my own. I have been lurking for quite awhile and really enjoying the stories and all the pictures of the great cooks. I currently have a Kamado Joe classic that will be 4 years old next month. I am starting to experience the size limitations and was looking at the Big Joe, but if I'm going to spend $2500 on that, I decided I owed it to myself to explore the KK, more money but no broken fireboxes, cracked lids etc. I came here to specifically look at the 23", thinking adding that to my classic would pretty well co
  15. Kirby, I live in High Point, a little less than 2 hours east of Asheville. Thanks you for the offer, I may show up if/when the sun ever comes out again and it gets a bit warmer.
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