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  1. I personally have 3 friends who own pellet grills. Two of them are Trager’s. Not sure about the brand of the third. None of them would replace them and 2 have buyers remorse. They all have echoed what Robert stated, no decent smoke flavor. I’ve eaten meat from their cooks and agree they lack flavor. Particularly smoke. Others may have had better outcomes.
  2. Would someone know what, if any, negative impact not using this pictured deflector would have on a cook? It is right behind the air vents at the base inside the firebox. I am trying to figure out a less invasive way to add more smoking wood during really long slow cooks. I currently bury it in the charcoal and put a foil packet with a couple of holes on top, but have had occasions where it burned itself up to soon. When I have it loaded up with meat, it is quite a job to remove all the racks and drip pans to get the wood down into the charcoal basket. My thought was to wrap additional wood as needed in foil and throw it in below the charcoal basket. Any advice would be appreciated. Edit: I forgot to mention I typically use my Billows controller in case that may impact a suggestion.
  3. @David Chang what is your favorite soft rubber cutting board(s)? In the market.
  4. Looks like good eats. Agree….nice bark.
  5. Dono

    New owner

    Brings back very fond memories of the day my BB arrived. Very nice looking @Caroline
  6. Those ThermoWorks silicon storage spools are worth every penny!
  7. I’m stoked. Looking forward to the email.
  8. I also use a seasoned 1/4” carbon steel plate for thinner and Neapolitan style pizza with great results. It does double duty in the oven too. I’ve not used a stone before so nothing to compare it to, but I would think the steel might heat up quicker.
  9. Ditto @johnnymnemonic except I have the Signals. I am very happy with both of them. I SECOND the damper. A must have! And no complaints here either. I am a Thermoworks fan…..great products all around. They had some app issues in the beginning, but they fixed them a while ago. I might add, great customer service and support as well.
  10. Congratulations @Myklnz. Nice looking KK. And great choice with the tiles. Welcome and looking forward to many pics of your journey.
  11. Thanks for the clarification @John T, really didn’t need it though. Or the explanation about your adage. Everyone has an opinion which we may or may not agree with, but everyone has a right to express it. Too bad the distain for that free expression can’t be left to a more appropriate venue. This seems like a place to escape the politics we are bombarded with every day and bond about KK related topics. 🙌🏻 for the KK plug to 11 million people Dennis.
  12. Not sure I understand @John T…lying down with dogs? It’s a great plug for Dennis and KK.
  13. Brings back such very fond memories of my delivery. Great idea with the plastic sheet rental. Eagerly awaiting pics of your cooks and more.
  14. Looks like an awesome meal @tony b Grapevine for smoke is new to me. I am going to have to try it. Does it matter what kind you use? We have a lot of muscadine grapes growing wild on the roads here. My Dad would make a port-like wine with them. Us kids would always go and help him pick them. Of course, we would always get eaten up by the chiggers. But the wine was good.
  15. I agree. What you have is a KK lottery win of epic proportion. It is so rare to find one for sale much less that close to your house. And it is a beautiful color IMO as well. I own a BB32 and couldn’t be happier. Congrats!
  16. Congratulations and welcome!
  17. Thanks for the tips @johnnymnemonic! You place your pieces of smoking wood under the charcoal basket directly on the floor of the firebox and then place a little charcoal around the wood pieces? Am I understanding that correctly?
  18. Congrats. Looks awesome!
  19. Welcome @Durangutan . Good luck with your research. You’ll love the KK.
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