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Herbie J - Alabama

Steak reverse sear.

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The most common meal I have historically grilled are steaks. So I anticipate reverse sears on the 32BB will be often.  I discussed this with Dennis prior to my purchase. He advised me of the flexibility of the 32BB with this type of cook. I’m glad I listened to his advice. It’s a great setup. 

My wife and two daughters are filet people and I’m all about a ribeye. I’m a medium rare guy along with one of my daughters. My wife and other daughter prefer medium.

When I married my wife 25 years ago she was a well done type of steak person. I have slowly converted her to a medium type. I caught her sneaking a few bites of my medium rare ribeye tonight. It was the ribeye cap portion too!  My favorite.

You can see the photos of my technique and setup. The ribeye was salted about 3 hours prior to cook. All steaks were brought to room temperature with the filets salted right before the cook. I used a smoking pot from the forum recommendations with a blend of oak and citrus.

There is a Steak house in Orlando Florida called Charley’s. I would frequent it often when I served in the US Military. They used a blend of citrus and oak. It adds a great “unique” flavor to the steaks. They claimed it was an old Seminole Indian method. 

I slow cooked the steaks along with sides for about 45 minutes at 250-275 degrees. I took the medium rare steaks off early and they rested longer.  The Meater + temperature probes are awesome!

I temp checked the top of the sear grates with a laser temp gun when the KK gage read 475 degrees. The top of the sear grates were trending around  775 degrees. That’s plenty of hot for me. Each steak was seared for approximately 2 minutes each side for a total of 4 minutes.  

The meal was served on a salt block heated on the KK during the slow cook along with the sides.

If anyone has advice on how to balance different temperatures on steaks for multiple people so everything is ready and warm at the end of the cook, please let me know your technique.  

Oh yeah, I got so excited and hungry over the steaks, I almost didn’t get a picture of the sear marks.  My wife said it’s one of the best steaks ever.  













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Well done or should I say M/R.  In the future Herbie, when leaving the room and your steak unattended...take a picture. Ya see, the changing of your wife from medium to M/R is making her more carnivorous and your steak is no longer safe. Great job, great pics and great technique. Pull the M/R off first and let them sit, finish those that will go longer, the M/R will heat up again at sear and all will be served warm, but you probably knew that anyhow.

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2 hours ago, Herbie J - Alabama said:

Great advice Tyrus.  From this point forward, I can’t trust my family alone with my KK cooked ribeye steak.  I’m carrying it with me. 

And if it gets really bad, I mean really bad....wear a scarf to bed, never know.

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