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  1. I’m a big fans of Stubb’s sauce and marinated.
  2. Dinner tonight - Moondancer Oysters from Maine smoked on the 32BB with a dry aged ribeye on the side.
  3. Pizza night.... Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.
  4. Last nights dinner and lunch for today. Ribs and Boston Butt. West Indies Pirates Gold marinade with Borsari coffee rub smoked with KK coffee wood.
  5. Fish night! King Salmon cold smoked with KK coffee chunks for 1 hr then indirect cook while preparing to sear tuna. Sides include sweet potatoes and stir fry cabbage.
  6. I recently moved my new 32 BB up one small stair step and used 1/2 “ plywood with a piece of wood under the plywood and gap of the stairs. It worked ok but flexed a lot. I would recommend using 3/4” just for some extra comfort. It rolled great. I also tipped the UPS delivery guy $40 and he helped me. There are some great post on burn in. The common theme is don’t run out of beer. Also, no worries if something unusual happens, call Dennis or his team. They are very responsive.
  7. Chicken cook tonight. Seasoned with Trader Joe’s Chili Lime seasoning.
  8. Burger night on the KK with a little oak/citrus smoke. Fresh ground ribeye made real thin. That’s how we like them.
  9. Ckreef - same thing in Birmingham Alabama, no toilet paper to be found. However, our local Piggly Wiggly has plenty of meat! It’s within walking distance of the house and they have one of the best selections of meat IMHO. Its good to see someone else that’s shops at “The Pig”.
  10. Great looking KK. The color is incredible. Your first cooks look good too.
  11. I have not tried Butcher Box. I listen often to The Joe Rogan pod cast and he advertises for them. I have used “Meat the Butcher”. It’s not a subscription service. You pick what they have in inventory and they ship in two days to you house. I have had good luck with them. They send out 30% off discount codes monthly via email. Here are a couple of Wagyu Ribeyes.
  12. The hot/cold smoker arrived Friday. I put it to use today smoking a nice pork butt. I reviewed a few post on how to setup and best use. Thanks to everyone who helps us newbies out. It started easy and ran for the entire 8 hour cook. I was impressed by how clean the smoke was. I went through almost an entire bag of mesquite wood chips. 1BFAA283-94F6-494A-A87D-4F7FE3C8D075.MOV
  13. Heated up Friday night at the Johnson’s house with a quick rotisserie beer brined chicken. Now Netflix with the family since Basketball is cancelled.
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