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  1. It’s been 30 days since the 32BB was delivered. It’s been fun learning and experimenting with the KK. Thanks to everyone who gives advice and encouragement on the KK forum. Today was a first for me. I finally have developed the trust to leave the KK at home alone for 3 hours while it slow cooked baby back pork ribs at 250 degrees. The KK held constant. I cooked them for a total of 6 hours using Rockwood lump charcoal and cheery wood for smoke. I never opened the lid for 6 hours. The ribs were amazing, no leftovers.
  2. Great looking sandwich MacKenzie. Any Au jus to go with it?
  3. The avocado is a nice touch. You have great taste in beer too. I like the hops used by Lagunitas.
  4. My wife made Zuppa Toscana soup Friday night. The kids asked for a KK pizza to go along with the soup. It made a great meal. I will try to get permission from Hannah to post the soup recipe. It’s always a family favorite.
  5. Great article. I liked how the author closed it by acknowledging it’s still an art.
  6. Very timely. I’m headed to Arkansas next week to hunt ducks. I will follow your recommendations.
  7. I seasoned the cabbage with some ghee and lemon pepper seasoning that I found at the same farmers market in Florida. It was good. Had leftovers tonight.
  8. As previously said, welcome to the obsession. Stay engaged on the forum. It’s a very helpful group of great people. Post photos of every cook!
  9. The beef was from Arrowhead Beef Company, Chipley Florida.
  10. The family took a trip to the panhandle of Florida this weekend. I found some good looking local raised beef at the Seaside Florida farmers market. The Wagyu ribeyes looked great and I took a few home. Cooked them up tonight with some cabbage and sweet potatoes. Simple setting with small plates. Steaks were well marbled and amazing. I cooked them direct sear after a dry brine for 12 hours with just a little pepper and garlic. I picked up one of their fresh chickens too. I will cook it up latter this week.
  11. I hide this knife from the family. If I don’t, it would end up in the dishwasher.
  12. It was just me and my youngest daughter at home tonight. I asked her if she wanted me to take her out for a dinner date. She wanted to stay home and cook Greek chicken on the the 32BB. We added lentil soup, couscous, and tomatoes with cucumbers.
  13. Great planning ahead. Looks delicious!
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