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  1. I’m a big fans of Stubb’s sauce and marinated.
  2. Dinner tonight - Moondancer Oysters from Maine smoked on the 32BB with a dry aged ribeye on the side.
  3. Pizza night.... Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.
  4. Last nights dinner and lunch for today. Ribs and Boston Butt. West Indies Pirates Gold marinade with Borsari coffee rub smoked with KK coffee wood.
  5. Fish night! King Salmon cold smoked with KK coffee chunks for 1 hr then indirect cook while preparing to sear tuna. Sides include sweet potatoes and stir fry cabbage.
  6. I recently moved my new 32 BB up one small stair step and used 1/2 “ plywood with a piece of wood under the plywood and gap of the stairs. It worked ok but flexed a lot. I would recommend using 3/4” just for some extra comfort. It rolled great. I also tipped the UPS delivery guy $40 and he helped me. There are some great post on burn in. The common theme is don’t run out of beer. Also, no worries if something unusual happens, call Dennis or his team. They are very responsive.
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