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Joanna Gaines Dinner Rolls

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@Christinelynn has two celebrity crushes.  Oddly enough, they both are female.  First and foremost it’s Chrissy Teigen.  The 2nd is Joanna Gaines.  I’ve bought her the “Magnolia Table” cookbooks as well as Chrissy’s “Cravings” cookbooks.  We’re cooking for the neighbors tonight so Christine wanted to bake dinner rolls as part of the meal.  I’m still temperature hunting a little bit, and learning the grill so the dome temp got to ~35 degrees higher than I wanted it to for the bake.  They came out amazing.  Cooked perfectly internally, but the tops were darker than we’d like.  The picture actually makes them look darker than they are, however.  They weren’t bad, just not perfect.


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Well done wingman.
I cooked 10 pizzas last night- sorry, no photos. Had the fire going nice and early so through a sourdough cob in before pizzas while the heat was up and noticed the left hand side cooked much quicker.
I checked the settings and realised the lower wheel was opened a quarter circle to the left of centre and the dotted wheel was opened to the second largest dot. I spun the wheel so it was opened right of centre( more centred into the firebox) and opened the other to the largest circle.
By the time the pizza went in they cooked evenly.
This was my learning last night, sorry if this was obvious to others.

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Yeah, I only had the left wheel open.  I had it open half way and had the top vent open way too much.   Got impatient and didn’t wait for the temp to fully stabilize prior turning it up... the. It overshot and I turned it way back.  All of this is against KK good practice of course.  This thing is ridiculous.  I shut the vents down to the 225 mark and it’s dropped about 50 degrees in three hours.

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