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  1. You’ll get at least that out of them. Congrats again, both truck and trailer are beautiful.
  2. Marble Brewery started here and went national. It’s like being called up to the majors. I’m from Boston, so I have a special place for Sam Adams. I quit 4 years ago, so I’m out of the loop.
  3. My truck is almost identical. Nice choice! Watch those Firestones. I’ve had them on 2 Rams and have had to replace them in 2 years both times. I actually have an appt. tomorrow at 2 pm to have them replaced on this truck. Beautiful 5th wheel... Congratulations!
  4. I love everything about this post. Thank you buddy. I bought two different sizes, one of them being the 1.6L as I use 3x3 chunks from Fruita Wood quite often. 😊👍
  5. I ordered the larger one, lol.
  6. I was cooking Kalbi ribs hot and fast, hence the abundance of smoke.
  7. We’re good with the BB and Ultimate . @Christinelynn would divorce me.
  8. I couldn’t agree more! I had to bust mine down with a hammer (carefully) to get my cookers off of them, so I’ll have to make some should I need/want to move.
  9. Larry’s products are good. I use Adam’s Polishes CS3 on my KKs. Cleans and protects.
  10. I cook at 225. I don’t worry I’d the temp creeps up so long as it stays below 250. I smoke for three hours then wrap. You always have such great cooks with really good ingredients. Here are the beef ribs we last cooked. IMG_0030.MOV
  11. It’s hard to shake the desire to ride. I sold my bike. Less than a year later I bought this one. I hope everything worked out and you’re out there helmet up and rubber down. 8F3BC012-34DC-42BA-B4CF-3C3C2060AFD4.MP4
  12. Meat side up for three hours, wrap in pink butcher paper until they reach my desired internal temperature of 203. I use a variety of ribs including Dizzy Pig, local Chile based ribs, Meat Church (Honey Hog Hot is my favorite for pork). These were coated with Albukirky seasonings Sweet Red rub. I also don’t do baby backs anymore. Not enough moisture for me. I cook St. Louis or full spares.
  13. https://kramerknives.com/product/6-piece-sharpening-kit-by-zwilling/
  14. Oh yeah, I’m already subscribed and watch his videos every night.
  15. My wife and I really want to find a high end scale for the kitchen. We search and are disappointed by what we find. I know you all love quality kitchen implements... Can you give us any suggestions? Do any of you have a high end scale?
  16. 😄. I am researching wet stones now. I am also learning a lot from videos and literature. Gotta none the blade very often too.
  17. We don’t have a pool, so this is actually over-sized slightly. Net metering is the standard here. Our house is on the right. Our friends/neighbors got the same system. Emphases micro inverters and 23 275 watt panels. Your energy storage is crazy nice! The installation is OCD approved! 😄👍
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