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My Time Machine

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5 hours ago, Troble said:

So when is your exhibit? 😀

really amazing shots.  Kudos to your efforts, I’m sure it’s taken time to perfect this craft  

Ha! A neighbor asked me about a post-COVID exhibit. I had to check with my grand-niece who is an art student in NY. She decided my pics qualify as art. Even so...engineers do NOT have exhibits. :shock:

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Time for another trip through time.

M101 -- Pinwheel Galaxy. Nobody knows why it's called that. <_<



Whirlpool Galaxy -- another mystery in naming Whirlpool_Master-DeNoiseAI-clear.thumb.jpg.70e7f57cf3524bcf0d01e7dd76a798bd.jpg


Imaged the Pelican nebula and stitched it to my previous image of it's neighbor -- North American Nebula. So...a grand mosaic.



And this week I bagged me an elephant...trunk nebula.


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M13. The Hercules Globular Cluster. Hundreds of thousands of stars gravitationally bound and densely packed. The golden stars are nearly the age of the universe. The blue ones are newer and the result of collisions and interactions between the ancient ones. 

I’ve also started a fancy new website to show my pics in higher resolution, as well as some science talk for newbies. Deep Space Crozet

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Some reprocessing last weekend. I give you my fancy new North American and Pelican Nebulae.


And let us zoom in to the feature known as the Cygnus Wall.



The universe is pretty freakin' awesome, y'all. And the earth's not flat. Just sayin'. <_<

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M3, globular cluster with signs of old age (golden stars), and yet a youthful vitality (blue stars).


And I…ummm…did a thing. I added another time machine. The TEC140 is the KK of telescopes. Made by a guy named Yuri, who is the Dennis of optics. Key difference: it burns holes in your wallet instead of charcoal.

Found this one being sold by an aging gent near my previous home near DC. Been sitting in a case for years. He never used it. Here it is all tricked out with all of the goodies that make it an astrophotography machine. 


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