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  1. I think you meant to say EVEN better than buying a greasy bag of over-salted chips.
  2. Congrats on the home brew contest (and dinner)!
  3. Really nice job keeping that vintage look while making it look new. time to stock it!
  4. Awesome pork loin!
  5. Thanks Jon. A bartender at a rum bar on Key Biscayne gave me a rum tasting and introduced the Appleton as his personal favorite. It is really good.
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!
  7. Congratulations, you won't be disappointed.
  8. So nearly a year after I started the outdoor kitchen, I'm calling the construction done. I finished up the trim about a week ago and the electrician came today to finish the remaining outlets. This will be a pic heavy post! This is the sink and bar area. The sink is huge and large enough to soak a grill grate. Sliding the refrigerator in today was very satisfying. Here are some shots of the backsplash. One piece that runs the length of the bar with all inlaid features. I can't even remember how many individual steps were involved. Warming drawer and storage for the griddle supplies: Area behind the KK has nice copper tiles that no one will ever see: Also behind the KK - inlaid kk logo: More inlay near the drop in cooler Trash chute with a cutting board on top that is prett functional: Some good storage throughout including under the griddle for kk accessories And the first Mai Tai of the season
  9. Steve M

    KK Soufflé

    Looks wonderful!
  10. That's pretty far away. I'm surprised it had that much of an effect.
  11. I have the cyber Q and have never had an issue with their cloud system. The fan is variable speed and runs at 0% to 100% and anywhere in between. It does a really good job ramping up to temp and holding a flat line. Having said that, if the other features are a need for you, I wouldn't hesitate to get the smartfire. My cyberQ uses AC power and I don't carry my KK camping. It would be interesting to see their app. If it is easier to use or has extra features, that could pull me over.
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