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  1. I'm good up until at least 16 lbs for a brisket on my 23". I agree that cooking for that many people, I would go with the 32".
  2. That was quite a list of available seafood. Those lobster tails are beautiful.
  3. Wow, wish I had a Bully Butcher near me! That is an amazing display. Expensive, yes, but I would take some comfort knowing it was there if I needed it 😀
  4. Just followed your recipe. Must be luck.😀
  5. Got this Wagyu Tritip from Crowd Cow earlier this week. Started in the KK until it hit 120 and let it rest while I brought the Evo grill up to high. Served with the Peruvian Sauce, sautéed Mushrooms, and french fries. It didn't disappoint. Searing on the Evo
  6. Yeah, I gave my Weber summit to a coworker.
  7. That is pretty awesome. As a techno-geek and "desire to be off the grid type" person, I applaud you.
  8. Just make up a name for a new cut and say you paid $1500 for it. People will be impressed. Kobe Squiglet sounds good.
  9. I thought the purple crack you guys were using was just a nickname for a rub.😀
  10. These thick cuts are great candidates for the reverse sear process. I hate to complicate things but the internal temperature at the point you remove it from the low temp phase depends on whether you are throwing it on another high heat source right away or giving it a rest period before you sear (while you bring the kk to scorching hot). If I am going to let it rest to finish on the kk, I will cook to about 122-125 for medium rare. At that point, it will reach medium rare while it rests and start to go back down. The short sear doesn't cook it any further and there is no rest period at the end
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