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  1. LOL, I think I'm ok in that department.
  2. Welcome Kevin. We love foraged fish and game pics.
  3. I think this just started within the last few days but I haven't been getting any notifications to posts. I checked my spam filters and they aren't going there.
  4. Steve M

    Robb Report

    I thought the same exact thing. If they only knew what they were missing it wouldn't be a contest.
  5. Steve M

    Robb Report

    Sort of a weird angle and I was sure it wasn't a 42" but couldn't tell for sure if it was a 23". I didn't see a goat.
  6. Steve M

    Robb Report

    Nice mention along with some other luxury grills. High end grills that will make you King of the Summer Cookout
  7. Mojo chicken - this was really good.
  8. Nice job on the duck Troble. Looks perfect.
  9. I think the secret is not allowing it to heat soak at a higher temp than you will cook. In that case, it is difficult to dial it back. I've used methods similar to Aussie's. I get the temperature up to the level I am looking for (or a little higher) and then start to dial it back to where I know my settings are for the desired temperature. I may make several adjustments over a short period of time so it doesn't drop too much.
  10. Fantastic result on those ribs. For me to hold at 225, I have mine nearly shut down. A small sliver of opening at the bottom vent and just backed off from fully closed at the top. That assumes it is properly heat soaked. As Tony said, a guru will certainly take care of the issue.
  11. Crowd Cow said to expect a loss of 20%. Sounds about right but you're correct, it was amazing.
  12. Splurged for the holiday and picked up this A5 Japanese Wagyu brisket from Crowd Cow. I was looking for brisket for the holiday and my usual sources were out. Crowd Cow was out of everything but the A5 and it was on sale. Still a bit pricey but lordy it is amazing. Got it in on Wednesday and stuck it in the fridge on thursday to thaw out. Pulled it out last night to throw some salt and pepper on it before I went to bed. Woke up early to get the KK going and heat soaked. Set up for indirect cook using coco char with some pecan chunks. Threw the brisket on about 8:30 am. Pretty much left it alone for about 5 hours while I monitored the temperature. It was pushing 170 about 2:30 and I wrapped it about 3. I spritzed it with some apple juice/cider vinegar the last couple of hours before I wrapped. Pulled it when it hit 195 and packed it in a cooler while we prepared the rest of the dinner. Sliced up: This was seriously the juiciest brisket with the most amazing flavor I've ever had. I had some concern it might be too rich but it wasn't. Just packed with flavor. While this was a flat, it was comparable to most wagyu points that I've made before. I made Aaron Franklin's regular BBQ sauce and put it on the side as it is one of my favorites. I could have easily left it off and ate most of it without the sauce.
  13. Must be snapper season. Mine was roasted with chipotle butter.
  14. That was quite the transformation and beautiful job! Bonus points for the Japanese float I saw hanging with the tiles. Did that end up outside?
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