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Pride of Deer Camp BBQ Sauce

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    Here's a sauce from many, many years ago that I remember as a very tasty condiment too pork and chicken or use it as to how you see fit once you've tasted it. The recipe yields approx 1 1/2 gallons and could easily be adjusted, but why would you when you could gift a few bottles to friends. This is a vinegary, sweet and salty, peppery sauce that's definitely a winner. Add this to your pulled pork or marinate some chicken overnight, it's flavor is tasty, bold, and pleasing just out of the bottle. Back in the early 90's I made a large batch and bottled the contents up giving a number of bottles away to friends and wasn't surprised to find in a short amount of time those asking for more. Unfortunately, the recipe got misplaced, I looked high a low without success, I even sought out the book written by Jeff Smith aka The Frugal Gourmet for the it's whereabouts...unfortunately it wasn't to be, until a few days ago our paths happily crossed again. Jeff had a food prep show during the 80's on PBS featuring an abundance of cooks, dishes, recipes both ethnically and regionally for his show. I remember him as an easy watch and the rumor has it that the sauce was procured for an old woman in the Chicago area. Well, anyhow if your willing to give it a try, do it on outside burner..the vinegar will permeate the house.

Using a large non reactive pot add all the following ingredients collectively in and bring to a boil. Once your at a rolling boil, slow the boil until it rolls a bit more gently for 1/2 hour as to simmer it. Stir on occasion, and as the original directions imply to keep the lid on..I didn't. I felt a little reduction wouldn't hurt and it certainly didn't tame the beast because all turned out well. 

1.1 1/2 cup brown sugar

2. 1 1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce

3. 1 1/2 cup prepared yellow mustard  ( French's is good )

4. 1 Qt. Ketchup

5. 1/2 cup FRESH ground pepper  (no can stuff)

6. 1/2 cup Red Pepper flakes

7. 3 Qt's. Red Wine Vinegar

8. 2 Qt. Water

9. 1 1/2 cup salt   Morton's Kosher is good

10. 1 Qt. White wine  I used Vinho Verde, a light dry Portuguese table

The amounts are original, I used 1 1/4 cup salt with the same amount of sugar thinking it was alot, however the amount of liquid will support these amounts. Place the liquid in Glass bottles after it cools and refrigerate.  Use an empty beer growler to hold the majority if you have one on hand. Use a ladle and funnel to bottle contents with a mindset of continually stirring the peppery contents around for a consistent distribution/blend of the peppery mixture. Enjoy it in a Bloody Mary and don't forget to gift a few

One last thing, the Progresso Red wine vinegar came came in 25 fl oz bottles so I used 3 and just filled 2 for the water portion. I believe that was why I cut back a little on the sugar and salt because these weren't full quarts. If you Google pride of deer camp BBQ sauce a bit more info will be available.





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19 hours ago, Basher said:

I’ve been saving some grolch bottles for exactly this.

Never cared much for the beer, but they sure made a handsome bottle.  The recipe is easily cut in half, so if you do stir up a batch let me know, spread the love.

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I use Grolsch style bottles for my mead. You can buy them at just about any beermaking supply store or on Amazon, so you don't have to buy a beer that you don't like just to get these bottles. Look for "flip top" or "swing top" bottles.


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