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New reason for delayed delivery...

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My door bell rang a little while ago so i peeked out the window to see who was there and saw a package on the porch; it was too narrow to be my drip pan. The package indicated that it contained mulching blades for a Toro mower; not only did i not order mulching blades for a Toro mower, i don't have a Toro mower...
The original shipping label has a different recipient and address listed but a second UPS label had been attached with my name and address. The UPS driver was just going back to his truck after dropping off a package across the street so i have the package back to him. About 15 minutes later, i got an email notification that my package has been delivered. <sigh>

I've reported the issue via the UPS claims site; i had to report it as a lost package since they don't have an option to report delivery of a wrong package. Hopefully, someone will get my do pan when they're expecting  mower blades and put it back into the UPS system and I'll get it in a day or two. Good thing i don't plan on using it in the immediate future!

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