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David Chang

Gooseneck Barnacles

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1 hour ago, C6Bill said:

Well those look interesting 😁

it's ok, they look like lizard feet that needs a manicure bad... 😂

if anyone is curious of what they taste like, it's sort of like the meat from the little crawler legs of a lobster, but with even more brininess.

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1 hour ago, Poochie said:

I'd give them a try. But they don't have them around here. What is that striped fish in the bottom of the boat by the pink container?

yeah i've never seen them on a menu in the US. i don't think it would be popular because they look prehistoric and there's not a lot of meat on them. 

not sure, but this guy normally sells a variety of groupers.

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Many years ago I used to frequent this Portuguese bar called the First base Cafe. They served Periwinkles a small whelk or seafood snail that was served in a bowl with a 3" steel pin used to pull them out after they were cooked. Their shell was black in the shape of a snail and I believe they were 50 cents and  were very tasty. They were commonly found around the coast gathering and clinging to the rocks in thousands and all you had to do was scoop them up with a hand.  

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