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David Chang

New Toy Effeuno P134HA+ 509C Pizza Oven

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Effeuno makes high powered commercial level single phase pizza ovens that go up to 509C/948F. 
I have never seen anything that runs off a regular household plug (UK 220v) that can go this hot..

This model, with the higher roof arrived last week but today was my first run at it. 

Bakes on a thick saputo stone (italian clay). Top element around 450c. Bottom around 425c. 

Worked pretty well. wasn't counting the time but i reckon this was less than 2 min to cook. Bottom cooked very nicely. 

Kind of makes my ALFA obsolete. 








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5 hours ago, Poochie said:

Isn't your Alfa a wood fired cooker? Do you taste any difference in the pizza between cookers?

my alfa runs on wood or propane gas, but i don't taste a huge difference between wood, gas, or electric.

i'm with the group that says once you cook at such high temps, you don't really taste a big difference..

the effeuno is the better pizza oven in several aspects. it is basically a dream to operate an oven like this indoors. 

* push button operation (just turn on and wait for it to warmup). and keeps temp all day long with no intervention just like a home oven.

* regarding browning and bottom scorch resistance, the Saputo stone (mined clay) is superior to the refractory brick on the alfa, or any other surface i've used (including steels, cordierite, and the kk baking stone). it's just a fat piece of mass to heat up that is very forgiving when browning bottoms. 

*  less fuss to manage heat. no need to measure floor temp once the temps are dialed in. no gas bottles to replace. wood can maintain pizza heat for about 12-15 min, so no need to manage fire with electric. 

* almost no cleanup. just brush  dusting semolina/flour after a cook.

* in terms of speed, the effeuno can go hotter in less time (smaller oven to heat up). to get the alfa to pizza temps, it takes longer (bigger over/more thermal mass) and more wood.

* excellent view of the food with 3 sheets of glass on the door and a very bright oven light. 

* parts are user replaceable and quality is restaurant level.

however, the effeuno is not an outdoor oven. i probably wouldn't cook a steak or non-bread foods (too messy). pizza size is limited to 12-13". probably more expensive to run electricity, and as far as i know only runs on 220v grids. 


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