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New to me Komodo Kamado Identification

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@Darty411 - Robert (aka - 5698k) is correct. You have what several of us call, and tyrus was hinting at - the POSK (Piece of Sh!t Kamado). I owned a K7 until it disintegrated, as most of them, especially the ones made in Mexico, were prone to do. Here I am right with mine when it was still fairly new and in good shape.


When I bought my K7, Dennis hadn't started up this business yet (he actually took over RJ's old facility in Indonesia and upgraded the produce significantly - Dennis's KK's don't shed tiles like a long-haired cat does fur!) Any doubts, there's a whole website that was devoted to folks posting all the issues they had with RJ's company and grills. 

Kamado Fraud :: Index (kamadofraudforum.org)

First off, do NOT do any business with RJ's company (Yes, he's still around - last I knew), unless you just want to throw your money away. Per many of the stories in that website, he's very good at taking your money and not delivering products.  You'll have to sources any parts that you need from previous owners, probably via eBay or Craig's List. As Dennis doesn't make parts anymore for the old POSKs. Good Luck! 

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It doesn't mean you wont be able to cook some good food on it. You wouldn't be able to use Komodo Kamado accessories as it's not a Komodo Kamado. I hope you didn't spend too much on it. But welcome to the forum, you can get some good help here on cooking techniques.

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As @C6Bill said - if you can get it up and running, you can still make great food on it and learn the basics of controlling airflow and temperature that will translate very well to any other similarly-designed grill (KK, Kamado Joe, BGE, etc.) We're more than happy to welcome you to our family here and offer any cooking advice that you may seek. 

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The tiles look intact but the close up reveals a lot of grout loss, you could order some grout and apply it by hand in those areas, I'm sure the grout Dennis has will work. You'll definitely need something to prevent water from getting underneath, but overall as it appears with it's age in mind it looks to have a significant amount of life remaining. Keep your temps below 350 and you should be ok anything higher and your pushing the limits. Hey, it's ony my opinion and you know what people say about them, everybodys got one.                Great pic Toney, I had to take a back seat on this and let you blaze the trail, it wouldn't be fair to cut the line.

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