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David Chang

KK duck hanger for the 19

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so during my holiday in greece, i got an email from kk informing me the duck hanger for the 19 was available. naturally i pulled the trigger and when i came back it was already waiting for me in a box.

my initial concern was that there may not be enough clearance from the hanging bird to the coals. so i ignored dennis’ advice and bult the coals around the perimeter floor of the kk. so just to remind myself never go against the advice of the maker because i could not get the grill up to temp. this chicken took twice as long to cook and i went back to using the charcoal basket in the second half of the cook. 

so realistically this is for one bird in the middle hanger because there is no space to fit three chickens in a 19,  unless im doing something like long strips of meat. one of the hooks came loose so i think i will bring it to a metal shop to make some kind of permanent but swivel attachment. 

overall happy with it and will try to do a proper cantonese roast goose in the near future. but using my banked charcoal basket and not struggle with charcoal on the floor. 






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I like that, spreading the coal once lit into an outside perimeter works nicely. Was that Bitchoin coal or a chinese extrusion?  Anyhow, nice cook, and ignoring advice always opens alternatives.

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