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My instructables tutorial....

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Very nice work! Super shots, and looks like a great rub recipe! I'm gonna try to let the rub work it's way in like you did, I usually just coat them and then light the coals, then when the temps are right,put on the butts. And yours have been cooked in a KK that's been blessed by a champion!

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I want to leave a reply to this guys comment but I'll refrain :roll:

Anyone want to go over for some raw BBQ at his house :P

http://www.instructables.com/id/SKWTHOV ... IBFXA2OIFY

Yeah, I'm wondering how you get "golden brown and delicious" (GBD) not black... on a low-n-slow pork butt. (is he sposed to be on the bisquit instructional) I like pork butts to look burnt like the picture, and then we'll have a fist fight over the bark :D

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