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Storing accessories - teak cabinet?

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How does everyone store all of the accessories that come with a KK?

I saw a couple of pics with what looked like custom cabinets, but wanted to get a sense of how other owner's are managing all of the associated gear.

lower sear grill

upper grill

heat deflector & trays


BBQ Guru

Tools & lifters


weed burner


ash cleaning tools


I have put them into a plastic tote but that seems like bad form for the craftsmanship that went into the accessories?

I think it would be great if there was a custom teak cabinet made by Dennis to hold the accessories specifically.

Any ideas?

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I keep my lump in trash can around the corner on the side of the patio. I dont dump the lump in the can, i just put the whole bag in there - easier and cleaner to dispense. There is enough room for two 10 pound pags of lump, and a basket or so of KKEC, and it stays perfectly dry through all the humidity and rain here in FL, too.

The extra grates hang next to the grills, on a 7-8 inch pole (like you find on a pier) that I installed for this purpose, and it doubles as another position to hang my hammock. (This pole is in the sun, the other is in the shade) The heat deflector, when not in use is stored in either the other grill, or set on top of the pole until I am done cooking - never left out to get wet.

Grill Floss is stainless, and stays hanging on the grill cart. No guru or rotis here, so no need to find a home for them. But if I had the rotis, it would likely live in the garage.

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RE: Storing accessories - teak cabinet?

I solved this dilemma for myself in my workshop:

This is the link to the "Outdoor Cabinets/Carts" post in the KOmodo General section.


Dennis had embarked on the path of building teak cabinets, just not sure where that stands.

I can't put my finger on the link in the forum, sorry.

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