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O'Connor Beef Short Ribs

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So I had some of the O'Connor Ribs frozen, so smoked them today on the Komodo.



The ribs were rubbed with Mad Hunky GP Rub, cling filmed and left in the fridge over night.

They went on a 7.30am


Ribs before the foiling


Ribs with BBQ sauce on, after being foiled



The ribs were smoked around 230f and took over 10 hours to ready 195f internal but more importantly the Thermapen slid in like butter





They came out fantastic. Really tender, melt in the mouth and they had a great flavor. Even managed to save one for work tomorrow :-)

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From time to time there are some awesome AU Wagyu wanna be ribs sold here in Bali that are incredible.

That being said it's still eating a lot of tasty fat.. Don't get me wrong.. I'm a fat eater but often makes me feel "less than ideal" afterwards because I eat too much.. (how did you save one;-)

So what we have been doing is getting fresh rolls or croissants from a lil' french bakery down the road and make up little sandwiches  with wasabi mayo.. Great way to enjoy the flavor and fattiness..
Great post Dave thank you!

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Some of the ones I have tried have been very fatty but these are amazing. There is a small part near the bone that is fatty but the meat on top of this incredible. It is well marbled, so is the same as the nice fat in Wagyu. I too cannot eat fatty ribs but these ones are very different.

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