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Coffee wood

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Dennis, do you still supply coffee wood? My stash is dwindling.


I'm out and my supply here (a full truckload) was left outside and got a mold/fungus that turned it to balsa on the way to powder..

It's a common infection.. can't let green wood sit on the ground/dirt and need to spray it down when it comes in first with acetic acid/vinegar, then baking soda solution to inhibit growth.. The acid works on some spores the alkaline on others.. We also do this for meranti and merbau wood.


We have two new regions in Java that are scheduled to be cut down but won't start until mid-Oct.  have not been able to find the coffee wood anywhere because if left in the field to rot it will be powder in 6-8 months.. Nature takes back all.. and they also often just burn it in the field.

i'll have it again soon and will store it indoors. I'll be selling it commercially too.. Might even get a chipper and make pellets!

Soon my friends.. soon..

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