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KK Two-Three + Pronghorn + Cast Iron + 600ºF = Dinner tonight

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Ran a few pounds of Northern Nevada Pronghorn meat through my LEM grinder earlier today.   I like the smash burger technique using the KK as the heat source and a large cast iron pan to transfer the heat.   Pronghorn meat, like most wild game, is completely devoid of its own fat.   I'm not one to mix in other domestic animal meat or fat so the cast iron technique works very very well.   

I get the pan to 600-ish degrees F, add about 2-3T olive oil and then the round seasoned balls of Pronghorn...nearly immediately flatted with a stiff spatula.    The meat is so lean it absorbs all the olive oil.   Unlike beef there is zero fat or moisture in the cast iron after their cooked and removed.




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1 hour ago, ckreef said:

Looks good but I have to ask - What is a pronghorn? Never heard of that.

Feeling a little backwoods after asking the question - LOL

Charles - Prometheus 16.5", Cassiopeia 19" TT

Charles - a Pronghorn is a type of antelope generally found in Rockie Mountain states.  You'll generally find them on the plains immediately before the mountain slopes.  The Pronghorn isnt really a big animal; probably less than 75# dressed out.they get their name from the little prong that juts off of the main horn on either side of their head.  Good eating.

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