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General kk questions

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11 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

In the 22 the basket splitter only goes one way front to back and while U have not tried it with the rotisserie I don't doubt it would work. What are you thinking, Shirley?

I'm wondering how you set up the 22 for rotisserie?

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I haven't tried the basket splitter yet in my 23". I've thought about using it with the roti.

If you're looking to spread out the heat on the roti, @ckreefhad a great idea with an infrared diffuser - http://komodokamadoforum.com/topic/6228-raks-gyro-a-rotisserie-improvement/?do=findComment&comment=64679

I've looked for one and can't find it in stores. I've thought about buying a few SS flavorizor bars and using them.


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I have used the basket splitter with the splitter running left to right with the rotisserie in Smaug. It works well.

I haven’t figured out all the ins and outs of using the splitter with the rotisserie as opposed to a regular charcoal basket set up, but I think there’s a slight advantage in being able to have a smaller, more intense fire by using the splitter. This way you can still cook at a lower temperature, which is achieved by the smaller fire, but the direct exposure to the more intense fire results in more browning of the skin of a bird or the outside of whatever piece of meat you’re spinning.

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I know you have koko already Shurley, but for new people looking the basket splitter is great in two ways the first you can bank the lump to the back and get a nice heat on less charcoal the second the half moon plate is great to hold a drip pan which is essential for a pork roast. You don't want that much oil dripping overyourlump

Outback Kamado Bar and Grill

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