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Brisket Cook Results

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The stall is much diminished for hot and fast cooks. Stall is due to evaporative cooling, so the higher the temp the faster the evaporation. At 225, expect a loooong stall. Butts and briskets I’ve done at 275-300 have very little if any stall. Haven’t done 350, but maybe I’ll give it a go. 

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Planning to cook my first ever brisket on the new 32KK. I have an 8.5 lb brisket flat (all I could get at my Costo) and am looking for some suggestions here for the cook. I would like to start it in the morning as opposed to the night before. Based on the thread here thinking of targeting 275F and if it drifts to 325 - 350 I’m not going to worry about it (still working on the temp settings!).  I’ve wrapped briskets before in foil at about the 160F temp. When I’ve done this I finished cooking the brisket in the foil until about 203-205F range and then did the FTC method. 

For this cook I’m thinking about wrapping in the Pink butcher paper at about the 170 mark. Do you then typically finish brisket in butcher paper and then put this as is (in butcher paper ) in cooler with towel? Or do you wrap in foil before the cooler & Towel? Just thinking that I’ll lose all of the juices if I don’t wrap in foil......but also not sure if I’ll lose the crunchy exterior etc.

Best and Happy 4th to all,



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Good plan! I wrap mine in foil, with the pink butcher paper still on, then towel and into the cooler to rest. No worries about losing bark and you won't soak the towel in all that yumminess. Can't wait to see pics of the final result.

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