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Do I really have to name my KK?

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1 hour ago, tony b said:

Stunning location. Just don't get too far off the beaten path or you might end up staring at the end of a gun (pot farm guards). Rather face the bear! 

Yeah, those people who moved to HumCo to grow pot ruined the place.  Before it was a bunch of hippie gardeners that were very mellow and just into making a living.  Then the big out of town growers moved in and hired very sketchy security; we all called them guerilla gardeners.  Not a nice bunch indeed.  A buddy of mine was hired to guard the cattle from poachers once those "gardeners" moved in; it was the beginning of the end for a mellow place to live.

Now we live here.  Noisy but a nice and always interesting view.








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No, it is an inlet inside the Puget Sound, Sinclair Inlet.  That is the Bremerton Naval Shipyard to the right and the city of Port Orchard Marina to the left.


We do not need night lights :-)



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Thanks for sharing..............two beautiful homes!!!!

I would have a heart attack if I ran into a bear like you did.  I must have been eaten by one in a former life.  I could not sleep for a week after watching the bear attack in the movie The Revenant. 

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Have not seen the movie yet.  It took many tries to get the bear to leave and after a week of trying everyday I was successful.  Cayenne pepper does not work, bells do not work (probably sounds like a dinner bell to them), loud noises like banging trash can lids together do not work, a .357Magnum fired into the air 6 times at about 40 ft away from the bear just made him waddle slowly into the brush (he came back) and for those folks that think it was foolhardy to do that I can say that I was armed with way more than that wimpy revolver if that bear had wheeled around toward me.  Because he did turn away I used the last resort solution, similar to what the Wildlife Authorities use today, a shotgun shooting a harmless load at his butt at a range of 25 yds or more.  Man did that get his attention!  If anyone thinks they can outrun a bear they would be sadly mistaken and possibly dead.  That bear took off at a high rate of speed and was crashing through the brush to get away, snapping 1-1/2 inch branches all the way. 

I tracked the bear the next day when it was light for over 1/2 mile to see where it went and lost his track on our main dirt road where cars had obliterated his tracks.  Interesting exercise and very sobering to know that a bear can move so fast through thick brush.

That little encounter was far less stressful than knowingly driving into machine gun fire to try and rescue ambushed Army buddies on an ill fated patrol.

Remember the phrase, 'Loaded for Bear"??

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