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  1. Our town just lost a State Trooper who went down to Ground Zero with his canine partner to help with the rescue efforts. He became sick shortly after returning and was fighting serious respiratory related issues for many years. He was a great guy. Brought his dog into our warehouse many times for training purposes. Sad reminder of the issues that many of the first responders are still facing.
  2. That is a really nice looking terra-cota tile!!!!!!!!! Very unique!
  3. Heavy plywood, push & roll, don't lift and 4 guys could handle. The screen door width might be a problem.
  4. The first time I cooked on the Gabby Grill I wasn't sure how I wanted to do it. Tried cooking over a "active" open flame instead of coals. Ended up moving the cooking grate up and down like a yo-yo. It wasn't pretty.
  5. @ckreef Charles, curious how you cook your steaks on the NuKe Delta............sear close to the coals and then raise grate to finish, or start high and then lower to reverse sear or consistent grate height????? Thanks. (Figured @tekobo might like to know also)
  6. I first bought the Kamado Joe Jr. as my Tailgate grill but it was a little heavy to carry a distance and being ceramic .......needed to be careful transporting. Bought the Acorn Jr. and have been quite happy with it. Much lighter and less fragile. Works great for it's size. Also have a Cobb grill. Super portable, works great but limited in cooking space. My son-in-law has the PK Original. He loves it. Light weight cast aluminum and tons of cooking space. If you are looking for a hitch mounted grill....... Alphonse's idea with the PK 360 is a great option. Cobb Grill
  7. Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way!!!
  8. I was just thinking.....I would hate to live down wind from ckreef !!!!!! The great smells coming from his cooker(s) must drive the neighbors crazy.
  9. jrc87..........I believe the main difference you would see between the two sizes would be the time it would take to "slowly" heat the cooker up for low & slow indirect cooking temps of 250*-275*F. I base this on my experience with my 16" and 19" TT's . I can get both the 16 and 19 up to searing temps or for direct cooking in the same amount of time. If I'm slowly bringing the KK up to 250*F for indirect cooks, the 19" takes a little longer. I also own a Primo Jr. and XL. That was the main difference I found with those units also. When I used the XL for small direct cooks the charcoal basket divider worked great. I have seen the 32"KK in person and there is no doubt in my mind that the 42 SBB is my next purchase. I love the oval shape of the Primo's and the 42KK is the closest along with the KK quality. My 2 cents but you can't go wrong with either. PS - if I was starting over with a clean slate...........I would get the 42" and the 16" KK............................perfect combo in my simple mind.
  10. darksilkx, I asked the same question when I got my 19TT. I was told that the bottom would get warm but not scorching hot. I had my 19TT on a wood platform with air slots for about a year and did not see any heat scorching on the wood when I took it off. I moved it to a portable metal cart with a vinyl cover over the metal. Also no signs of melting vinyl under the cooker. HOWEVER....I do not do a lot of high temp cooks. My highest temp cooks are around 350*F. I would be more worried about moisture getting underneath and the freeze/thaw effects (not sure where you live). The metal bottom of the KK could take it but not sure about the granite. Might cause spalling over time like tony b mentioned ????? PS - Dennis didn't have the 22TT when I bought my 19 or I would have one also. You are going to enjoy the extra space.
  11. Be sure to use the wide straps like bgrant3406 did on the surface of the cooker. When I picked up the repair KK in Baltimore, my straps were narrow (1"wide) and they compressed the tiles under them about a 1/4" deeper than the surrounding tiles. Extra material under the straps is probably a good idea also. Also be sure to secure down the lid of the cooker. I did a poor job and it broke the latch on the cooker.
  12. Your experience with the KJ will translate well to using the KK. I would start using about the same KJ setting with the new KK and make subtle adjustments along the way. The new KK will take a little longer to get to temp but once it starts warming up, keep an eye on the vent adjustments as it can overshoot your desired temp quickly. Your top vent adjustment will take the most getting used to compared to the KJ. Have fun....the KK quality is amazing!!!
  13. @DennisLinkletter Tony B. gets the credit and thanks for sending the Coffee Char
  14. @tony b @ckreef Tony, I have a box of Coffee Char that came with my KK that I can send to Charles. You paid a premium to get your 10 boxes and I still have 20 boxes of my favorite Russian lump. If you two have not made arrangements, I will ship it ckreef this weekend. Let me know. PS - my nephew is getting married in Cedar Rapids next summer. Hopefully we can meet up and share some tall tales over a cold one
  15. Let me check my stash tonight and I will send if I have any. Will let you know.
  16. Agree. It was a lot of fun. I cooked a tri-tip my first cook and was very happy with the results. Didn't get a super smokey flavor from the cherry wood that I used but the flavor was there. However we did get a great sear and crust on the meat. T-Roy Cooks on a Gabby's Grill go to the 3 minute mark
  17. I recently picked up a Gabby's Grill to try out this type of cooking. It fits into the standard 22" Weber Kettle. It is a fun cook with guests standing around the grill. If you have a kettle sitting around .............it is another alternative to consider. I bought it because I can move it to the family cottage, the boat and the house (have old kettles at each location). Tried it with both lump and wood. The wood burned great in my kettle.
  18. How does one cook under such extreme circumstances...................
  19. At the risk of getting kicked off this forum....................I have to admit..............I have never cooked a rack of ribs on my KK's. (Redhead Sue is a flanken rib fan)
  20. The more I think about it.................one of the butts did touch the inside of the lid but turned out fine.
  21. Very welcome. I thought I was going to have a problem with all the drippings, however the drip pan was so close to the coals (sitting on the top of the lump basket) that the drippings vaporized and became solid. It was a little hard to clean but nothing dripped onto the lump.
  22. I have done 4 - 8# butts in my 19"TT twice. Make sure you space the top butts like the picture below, so the temp stem doesn't hit the meat. A two butt cook is a piece of cake
  23. The Oval Jr. was my first kamado. For a small cooker it does a great job with two zone cooking. Gave it to my son-in-law and it is still going strong. They came out with the carrying rack after I gave it to him................he might have gotten the Acorn Jr. instead, if the timing was different
  24. I set my cell phone aside in a safe place when I'm working on the boat or in the garden. When my smart a$$, oldest daughter calls my cell phone and if I don't answer, she never leaves a message. No message......I don't call back. Yesterday she happens to call me when I have the phone on me. The conversation goes like this: Me: Why it's my long lost daughter. How come you never leave messages? Daughter: Hey Old Man, how come you never answer your phone or call back? Me: No message, not important, no call back! Besides it was probably just a butt call. Daughter: If it was a butt call there would be a long message with nothing on it. Me: Whatever!! (I knew she was right and didn't want to admit it) Daughter: What are you doing for Father's Day? Me; Hiding! I always end up buying you and your 2 sisters dinner because you are always broke. Your husband James is a father, make him buy you dinner for Father's Day!! Daughter: How about I stick him with the kids and I come over and drink beer with you? Me: Sounds great! What did you want the other day when you called? Daughter: Just wanted to invite you over for some of James's smoked ribs. His best ever and they were delicious!! You should have called back!!! Me: Grrrrrrrrrrr
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