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Joule's First Cook

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My Joule arrived today so I had to try it out. Did a beef tenderloin steak at 132F for 4 hours. A double baked potato in the air fryer along with some onion rings that were added at the end of the potato cook. I have been eyeing this sous vide for quite sometime and seeing it in amusedtodeath's post I got busy and ordered one. Tomorrow morning I hope to do a sous vide egg for breakfast and later some sous vide coffee. It should be a fun day.:)




So far I'm very happy with this machine, it is quiet as a mouse, small, about 1.5 X 11.5 inches and 1100 watts.


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15 hours ago, MacKenzie said:

I have been eyeing this sous vide for quite sometime and seeing it in amusedtodeath's post I got busy and ordered one.

Another KK shopper snagged!

Nice looking cook.  In over seven years of owning a sous vide machine, I think I have only used it a maximum of ten times.  It is great on Southern fried chicken wings but I am loving my KK for wings now.  Will try a thick steak like this sometime soon to see if that kick starts my enthusiasm.   

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20 hours ago, MacKenzie said:

sous vide coffee

That's a new one on me, MacKenzie?? Details??

@tekobo - break that thing out and get to it! Best mashed potatoes, only way to cook "boiled" shrimp, and like MacKenzie said, amazing steaks. Perfect poached eggs, but they take a long time, so not the most convenient method for cooking them, but less prone to error.

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The sous vide egg didn't take long because the Joule only require 1.5 inch of water minimum but then you need enough to cover the egg. I just put the water in a pot on the stove and brought it up to temp. almost then take it off the stove add Joule, set temp. 194F and time 8 mins and away you go. 

The coffee 149F for 2 hours, coarse grind, filter, and you will want to heat it up a little for drinking. It definitely had a caramel flavour to it and it was very smooth. Might make a better iced coffee. It was the same coffee that I use for my espresso but you would not recognize the flavour. I won't do this for a regular hot coffee as there are better and a lot faster ways to get coffee. ;)

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