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  1. Yep, I got one at Lowe's this week for $29.99. Look forward to using with our medium size konro. Thanks CK!
  2. Very nice. I agree on the cute pooch...
  3. Yep, I share your garden! It works because they don't allow deer to shop there...
  4. Love adding extra olive oil to pesto then using as "Italian butter" for dipping warm bread in.
  5. Great post! What was your time and temp for the meats? It looks like they were cooked direct? I don't see any foil or drip pan... Everything looks great!
  6. Very, very nice. Everything looks great!
  7. Omg, you put in the link... Now it's on my Amazon wish list... How long do you think it will be before I click that oft-used "Add to Cart" button?!! Bad girls! Temptresses!
  8. Wow, that's actually quite a deal... That's about $6.25 per ounce. Compared to restaurant price of a range of around $28.00-$35.00 per ounce. One could cut that into 16 twelve oz. steaks at a cost of $75.00 each and a couple could share one for a meal. Add a few shrimp or scallops and you're in heaven.
  9. I thought toad in the hole was the same as egg in a hat...a piece of bread with a hole in the middle, in a skillet with an egg fried within the hole... Apparently there's more to the story...
  10. What is your method of lighting the Solo? Did you mean "torching" literally? @MacKenzie
  11. Oh man, I've always wanted to try cooking beef ribs from the plate, Texas style, but have never been able to find anywhere around here...always cook short ribs or back ribs. I'm betting big bucks you got those from M&T... So jealous. I'll be looking forward to pictures of those!
  12. Awesome, @syzygies, I've got my stove but haven't broken it in yet... I got a seven inch round mesh grate to go on top so I can do exactly what @MacKenzie did - that chop looked good... but Korin said early September for my Konro delivery....Ordered late April. Then I plan to use the solo for prepping coals for the Konro.
  13. For me, too much time and effort goes in to brisket not to open the wallet for Prime or better, beef. It's tricky enough with that, let alone adding in issues with crazy lean cuts. Nothing worse than ending up with brake pads, and nothing better than ending up with tender and juicy! I'm sure we've all been in both situations...
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