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Why are we not talking about this?

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I subscribed on the Fogo website for the coupons and discounts the other day and yesterday or the day before they sent me a email about what to grill and such with their charcoal.  One of the topics was roasting coffee with a big green egg, my immediate thought was how much better would be coffee roasted on my KK! Seriously why is this not happening on the forum? Or is there a super secret section I will get access to when I become a “advanced member?” 



A few people sell these on line but I think I am going to just make one out of scrap stainless from work.

Ok back to my coffee and bread making. I hope everyone is being safe and enjoying their weekend!!!

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I don't make wine. I've had homebrewed beer that was better than bought, but they took over a garage with $10k of gear, and got too busy. I make fermented hot sauce, because it's better than I can buy.

We freeze skinned, salted, and partially dried garden tomatoes, and make Sicilian estrattu from Santa Cruz dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes, because they taste better than any bought or home canned tomatoes, period.

I've tried roasting coffee beans. The ideal process involves equipment I don't have room for, that costs more than I make in a year: Graffeo Coffee - Our Process. As I've gotten older, I equate lesser home efforts with praising Johnny's Kindergarten art, if one can simply buy better.

We nevertheless have open minds. Tell us it's better than anything you can buy, in a double-blind tasting?

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My favorite roaster in Salt Lake City, Jack Mormon Coffee (their motto is "we're on a mission") uses a bank of five or six small roasters that look like oversized blenders. I think the maximum they can do is a kilo at a time. I would bet you could find them for sale with a little research.

Jim, Denver

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