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A good friend of mine has her Mother and Auntie visiting and they got together yesterday to make a huge batch of Joong bundles. This was a first time experience for me and interesting.

I took one home and heated it up today, I thought I'd heated it thoroughly but I didn't, as a result it didn't fall apart as much as it would have but none the less very enjoyable. This one has glutinous sticky rice, mushrooms, chestnuts, mung beans all wrapped in bamboo leaves, tied up securely and then pressure cooked. I picked a vegetarian one to try, skipping the ones with dried shrimp, Chinese sausage and pork. I hope to try one without the meats but skipping the shrimp next.


I thought boiling it in water for 20 mins would have been long enough but not so.



Rice is put in the bottom and then the goodies are added, followed by another layer of rice, then the leaves are folded over and the whole thing is tied up tight before putting in the pressure cooker. You can see the layers in this pix.




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