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SBB42 or BB32

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Old thread but I'm going through the same dilemma.  I think the main reason I haven't bought a KK (besides not needing it) is deciding between a 32 and 42.  Outside of covid we entertain probably 20 times a year with large groups if not more often.  

I must say I like the looks online of the 32 way more than the 42 but the cooking area of the 42.  I'm attracted to the idea of doing a larger pig roast on the 42 vs going with a 32 and a second smaller grill.  Currently my cooking situation is:

  • Big Joe 2 with Extender
  • Large Green Egg
  • Joe Junior

I love my Joe Jr. for small cooks (Burgers for 4, turkey breasts for 4, etc).  Really though when I do a large cook I often want two temps indirect, one low and slow (225f - brisket, poppers, etc) and one a bit hotter (275f - pork butt, etc).  For those that have made the plunge to 42", any regrets?  Did you consolidate multiple cookers into 1?  

What size oinker are folks fitting on a 32?  

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I will respond as someone who recently received her 32.  I have not cooked a pig on it yet but I went into a flat spin when I did this:


Theoretically, this meant that I could only bake two loaves of bread on my new 32" KK!  Should I have bought the 42?  Aaaaargh!

And then I realised that I was trying to use old tech to solve new problem. Super simple: using the single pizza stone and riser from my 23 KK I was easily able to fit three loaves into HALF of my 32 KK.  So, if I buy the pizza stone for the 32 I should be able to fit at least six loaves on and, similarly, a good number of pizzas.  Phew.  In practice, the configuration below suits my needs because I use the pan on the right to generate steam by dropping ice onto it, as pioneered by @Syzygies on other threads.


Entertaining for the masses should be a cinch with the 32.  After baking bread and pizza last night I let the 32 cool down a little and then put this 17"/43cm pot in to cook overnight.


Today's advice?  Go for two 32's.  V versatile.  


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4 hours ago, tony b said:

Just curious - what's in the pot?

Hi Tony, it is a riff on a bengal gram and gourd curry.  Vegetarian and very tasty.  It was a labour of love, prepared over two days starting with soaking and cooking the little brown chickpeas that form the basis of the dish.  It is an annual tradition to use up the big winter squashes that I grow at the allotment.  I normally cook it with a friend and found it much harder work on my own this year.  The Husband joined in and made it a little easier but I did miss my friend.  She will be picking up her portion in a day or so. 

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